Help me choose - Artsy mm in monogram or Gucci Dionysus

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  1. Help needed here, please let me know what do you think ! I have a good variation of bags so I am just looking into getting one more bag this year.

    IMG_1492753496.382591.jpg IMG_1492753515.967743.jpg IMG_1492753523.568041.jpg
  2. Gucci
  3. I have both - gucci is a lot sleeker
  4. Gucci
  5. Gucci
  6. Gucci
  7. I have the different opinion and say the Artsy, lol. It's a classic and fits in a lot more. But I love LV.
  8. Both very different!! Prefer the Artsy-- a classic beauty. And that braided handle?? Gorgeous!
  9. Gucci
  10. Gucci.
  11. I have both, they are very different bags. The artsy can fit quite a bit more but to me they have different looks. I have the GG large blooms, black and GG and GG and embroidered flowers. I had sold my artsy and just rebought a preloved one. There are a few pockets in the Dionysus but they are not big. My Sarah can take up one pocket for example and my small LV cosmetic pouch with not fit without it buldging. I don't think you can go wrong with either it depends on what you are wanting to use it for. The Dionysus is my favorite style of the Gucci bags and I feel like they are pieces of art.
  12. Another vote for Gucci!
  13. Gucci. Im biased though.. bear in mind the dionysus is on the heavy side but feels quality for it.
  14. I prefer the look of the Artsy much more . But then again I am a huge LV fan . I have looked at Gucci many times in the past but nothing ever wowed me :sad: GL deciding .
  15. Depends on your venue I think. Artsy more casual than gucci. But I'm not a fan of Artsy so I'll vote Gucci
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