Help Me Choose - Anyone Have The YSL Sunset Monogram Bag?

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  1. Hi there! I'm having a horrific time deciding on a new crossbody (I've been debating the YSL wallet on a chain, Louis Vuitton Chain Louise, Louis Vuitton Lockme bb, Ferragamo Vera Bag and the YSL Sunset Monogram)

    But I haven't seen any info on the YSL Sunset Monogram Bag anywhere and was wondering if anyone has it - if they recommend purchasing it or have any photos of what it looks like on them/what they can fit in it?

    Thanks so much!!

  2. I'd be interested to know more about the sunset bag too!
  3. I actually was at the St. Laurent store today and was looking at this bag! It was the first time I'd seen it and it's shot to the top of my wish list. It's absolutely adorable. There were two sizes, a small and medium. The small was big enough for an iPhone 6+, glasses, card case and a few other essentials. The medium was slightly larger. The quality is really nice (it came in a croc embossed leather and kind of pebbled leather that looked durable). The the chain was gorgeous but very heavy. Let me know if you have any specific questions. :smile:
  4. Thanks for the info! Really appreciate it! The bag reminds me of the LV twist bag but has a more edgier look. Which size do you prefer?
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  5. I think I prefer the medium. It's still very small (not much larger than the small) but there is a touch more space that would make the bag a little more functional for me. I can't wait to hear which bag you choose. I'm also looking for a small cross body. I will have to check out the ferragamo. :smile:
  6. I have so many Saint Laurent bags on my wish list that I don't know which I should get first...
    I love ferragamo bags. I think the small crossbody bags are so cute and at a good price range.
  7. 30608521175_cfc0639c61_o.jpg
    Just got the Sunset bag in a size medium and it's on me (i am 5'2")
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  8. I bought this and then returned, I've been so undecided on crossbodys as well! I decided I wanted a smaller evening crossbody which is why I returned. This is a beautiful bag though! I preferred the medium, the small looked too clunky wearing it crossbody (I am 5'8") it also holds a bit more which is nice. Good luck!
  9. I recently a proud owner if The YSL Sunset in FOG (grey) that I recently purchased in London. I absolutely love it and definitely gives you the right balance of fashion and function!

    I am 5'4 and I have the medium size and I feel like this is a good size for me. I am able to put a 6+, small leather goods and some makeup comfortably. The best part of this bag is that you can dress it up as well as wear it on a day to day to basis!

    No regrets here on the sunset bag!
  10. Hi! Is this bag heavy? I love the style of it, but worried it would be too heavy for me, I'm also 5'2" can you post mod shot pic please, TIA!
  11. Hi, can I check with u how u enjoy the bag so far. Did u use it often and do u feel a bit of weight on it? Thks
  12. There's a video uploaded by chase Amie about this bag. I think she got the medium croc one. Returned it because empty, she said it was already heavy. I'll look for the link later.
  13. Hello,
    I recently purchased the Sunset bag in Rose Powder. Did you have any issues with your jeans rubbing off onto your Fog Sunset? I’m a little worried and wanted to see if anyone had any issues with rubbing.
    Thanks so much.
  14. Purchased a red medium sunset bag! I love the color and the strap bc it was also red leather (IE. not heavy at all). My only gripe with it is the center divider, I really wish they didn't have it. Although it is already a medium (roomy for everyday essentials), i'd love it even more if the center divider is gone.