Help me choose Another Marcie!!

  1. Tomorrow!! I can't wait!
    Has anyone in TPF posted Truffle? I can't find any postings on it.
  2. I think yours will be the first! I am so excited for you!

  3. Okay Truffle Marcie has arrived!!
    It's Gorgy!! This color brown is Amazing, love the contrasting burgundy pipping and trim on the bag!! The Large satchel is big, but it comfortably fits on the shoulders to carry, very versatile, nice ghw pops on the bag. If you don't like Large bags don't consider the Medium size, I have the large Hobo Marcie but for some reason the satchel looks bigger.
    If anyone is considering getting it.. Do it! The color is so rich, love it :biggrin:
    image-2247255345.jpg image-2792261362.jpg image-278346452.jpg
  4. Gorgeous, I have my second Marcie coming soon, there such gorgeous bags........ Congrats
  5. Ooh, which one are you getting? Exciting:biggrin:
  6. I got the black medium satchel with shoulder strap in black a couple of weeks ago & will be getting a medium Vermillon satchel but without long shoulder strap....... Have you bought any more Bal jackets honey, I hope to get another one but keep getting side tracked with bags ;)
  7. LVgirl, she is beautiful! Your Marcie pics actually made my heart flutter! :love: Such a gorgeous, rich brown! Another Marcie to add to my list now!
  8. Hey, I thought I recognized you from the Bal thread!! I haven't bought one Recently, now I have three reg motors and one quilted! Was going to get Asphalt but changed my mind last minute bc it's too close to blk! I am patiently waiting for Militaire to go on sale;)
    Please post your Marcie's when you get them:smile:
  9. Thanks cupcake, trust me you will love it! I'm glad I did a little research on the color bc Erica's pictures on Hgbags did not do this color justice!!
  10. Oh, wow, your Marcie is gonna be GORGY and perfect this fall!!! :loveeyes: I love, love, love. It's so rich and saturated and luscious! Perfect choice!

    Any chance for mod pics? :graucho:
  11. Congrats! It's beautiful!
  12. Wow, stunning! Colour, leather and everything!! :woohoo:
    Yay for truffle!! Is it brown with reddish undertones? I'm considering it even though I'm on a ban, considering is so sweeet:graucho:

  13. I posted a reveal of my black one & I also did a reveal of my Paraty..... Have you tried the Paraty its such a gorgeous bag..... You have some gorgeous jackets :smile:
  14. Oh yes, the Paraty was my first Chloe, I have the rock Python. The only thing I think the med. Paraty is too small and the large is too big, they need something in the middle!