Help me choose and iPod case!!


Choose an iPod case for me

  1. Coach black leather

  2. Pacific Design

  3. Chumms

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Here are the choices:

    Coach black leather case:


    Soft lightweight leather makes for a graphic statement when juxtaposed against your sleek iPod®.
    # Lightweight leather
    # 12” strap with dogleash clip
    # 2 3/5 (L) x 4 1/3 (H)
    (iPod® is a registered trademark of Apple)

    Pacific Designs, this one matches the color iPod I bought:


    # Ultra-slim design to fit you iPod mini like a glove
    # In-case access to headphone & sync port
    # Flip case design - top flap protects screen both in use and idle
    # Plastic holder with belt clip (ships with iPod unit) slides onto the back of the case so you can use this accessory with the case

    Chumms iPod mini case:

    # Matches colors with your iPod mini
    # Access controls through window
    # Convenient headphone grommet
    # Charge / download iPod while in bag
    # Store headphones / cash in flap pocket
    # Includes 3 carrying devices--Swivel clip, lanyard, carabineer
    # Designed for the mini iPod
  2. I would choose the COACH one! I just purchased a COACH mini for my IPOD Shuffle! It's gold metallic! VERY pretty!
  3. COACH leather is awesome! But I am biased as a COACH lover at heart.
  4. I am naturally biased towards the Coach one-but, that one only comes in black. :sad:

    I bought a blue iPod because I like the color so much-so, I feel bad covering it up in black leather-or, do I?
  5. I chose the middle one....I saw someone running yesterday at school where the holder matched her Ipod...I thought it looked really good!
  6. i like the coach i think it'll hold up longer!
  7. The coach is nice, thats what id pick.
  8. I actually have both of them- the pacific one and the coach one.

    I think the Coach one looks better on the ipod, but it does not protect your click wheel when you place it in your handbag, or should you go our running or to the gym or store with it.

    The Pacific one has better padding for travel, plus protects the click wheel and the face.

    So I alternate-use the Pacific one at the gym or in cases where it could be moved around and maybe damaged. The coach one is for when I want to show off the ipod and show people how pretty it is. Or when I am home listening to my ipod!

    I hav e a mini ipod in silver like yours and a brand new 5th Gen ipod 30GB so I can watch movies. I have a Coach case and a Pacific case for it as well.

    I love my ipod. Good luck with yours!
  9. I love COACH, but my vote is for the Pacific!
  10. I like the second one
  11. Nishi do you have a coach outlet by you? I bought 2 of the mini ipod cases about 2 weeks ago for $35.00 for both one is signature w/ pink trim & the other I'm really proud of it is the pyton case that retailed for $160.00 I got it for $20. Here's a pic..
  12. I have the Chumms in pink and love it.
  13. Ooh-very nice! the closest outlet to me is Woodbury Commons and that is more than an horu away-and, hubby wil not take me there! He is against spendign money of any kind-LOL!

    You got some good deals though!

    Oh man-it's a tie! Shoot-i don't know what to do now! OK-waiting fo rmore peopel to vote-teehee!

    Vanessa-did you pick a case for yourself?
  14. No :sad: Not enough people have voted to really see a difference. I think I might go with the cognac&gold though just because [1] the black&gold is too plain [2] so is the brown&gold (even though brown is my favorite color) & [3] I dont want palladium!

    What about you? Made a decision yet?

    Everyone, go vote in my thread! Please?
  15. Not yet-it is hard-I really really like the Coach one-but, am put off about it hiding the color of the iPod I bought. I mean, if I didn't care about the iPod color-I would have just bought the silver one. I LIKE the blue-so torn, so torn.......

    I am thinking about buying both :biggrin: