Help me choose an SL!

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  1. I'd go noir or galet. If you wear dark denim often, go noir. Color transfer will stink on galet
  2. I have the Soft Lockit (PM) in Galet, and I can nothing but recommend that colour! I am usually a black bag girl, but for the SL I prefer lighter colours. Magnolia is a beautiful colour too, but the Galet is perhaps more versatile?
    Good luck with the decision!
  3. I think I've narrowed it down to noir or galet, thanks for your input!!
  4. I agree that galet would be more versatile. I think I'm deciding between noir and galet at this point. Have you had any problems with color transfer or lots of wear on your SL? So far I'm hearing that it's not problem, but I'm curious what your experience has been!

  5. Hey there - Taking into consideration your wardrobe choices, the Galet would be the safe (yet beautiful) choice. However, have you considered the Griotte color? The last time I called customer service, they still had it in stock. I have both colors and love that the Griotte provides that extra pop of color. :smile:

    Here is a side by side of the two bags. Good luck choosing! :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463967756.150006.jpg
  6. Hi, thanks for your advice! I had a red bag at one point and always ran into the problem of looking a little too patriotic since I wear a lot of navy blue and white (white tops and denim) lol. It's a beautiful color though, and you're so lucky to have this bag in two colors! :loveeyes:

  7. You're very welcome. :smile: Maybe carrying a bright red bag with navy & white isn't a good idea lol Thankfully, the Griotte is very very dark, almost burgundy. Here are a couple more pics that show the color more accurately :smile:

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463969803.492339.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463969833.147813.jpg

    I look forward to seeing what you end up choosing! Most of the SL colors are beautiful anyway! [emoji1][emoji4]
  8. Wow, that looks amazing on you!! Thanks so much for those great pics. Have you had any problems with color transfer on your galet bag?

  9. Thanks for the compliment! If you can't already tell, I [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7] the Griotte!! [emoji4]

    I haven't had the Galet for that long, but I know that it's a bag that I'll need to tiptoe around so I make a point of wearing lighter colored tops, jeans, dresses that won't transfer color, etc. Also, I wear on my arm (instead of crossbody with the strap) so that reduces the chance of color transfer as well.

    Noir would be a daily, worry free workhorse of course. Do you have a lot of black bags...?

    Just brainstorming here, but have you seen the newest (June release) Lockme Cabas tote? I'm eyeing it as my next tote, but unlike the SL, it doesn't have a top zipper, but it has a clasp closure.
  10. If you were set on the SL and they still have all the colors you were interested in, have them order three colors for you, then it might be worth your drive. My SA was kind enough to find and hold 2 lockits and 2 capucines and when they came in I went in and made my choice. I'm sure that they would understand and order the three colors that you are interested in. Just explain that you live so far away and that you can't keep going back and forth and that you would appreciate it. I'm sure they will understand and order them for you. Please keep us posted and I'm sure you will have the color you want.
  11. I probably would only carry this bag handheld and I'm very careful with things, but I would hate seeing marks on my bag. Way too much of a perfectionist for that! My only black bag is a Chanel Reissue 225, so I don't think it would be repetitive! However, I'm not going to be using this as a "workhorse" bag, so it's hard to determine how durable and resistant I need this to be.
  12. It really depends how you will wear your SL. If you wear it crossbody often, it will be better to get it in darker colour. Any light colour bag regardless material will get colour transferred on the part where it constantly rub against your jeans when you walk with it crossbody, I manage to get colour transferred on epi by wear it crossbody for a week. On the other hand if you hand held it or wear it on shoulder only, it will be very hard to get colour transfer. Galet is a beautiful beautiful colour, but most importantly, choose a colour that suits your lifestyle (a lesson learned after I manage to get colour transferred on 4 different material bags).
  13. I have had no colour transfer so far with mine in Galet. I do not use it every day though because I rotate my bags a lot, and I preferable carry it handheld.

    Good luck with your decision :smile:
  14. Great point, thank you! I don't think I would wear this crossbody, so galet might not be a problem for me. But you're exactly right, I don't want to ruin a bag like this because I got something that wasn't practical for me
  15. Good to know, thanks again! Sounds like it's pretty durable for those who carry it handheld