Help me choose an outfit!

  1. Hi there, got this work annual party coming up, so I'm hoping to gather some thoughts on which outfit I should wear to the party.

    The invite says 'Starry Night', and dress code is 'sharp suits and fancy frocks'

    Sorry about the crappy bathroom pics, any thoughts are welcome! :smile:
    image-2354857390.jpg image-1913036728.jpg image-3625588829.jpg image-2387717403.jpg image-797276740.jpg
  2. #4, but I would accessorize it with a different shoe.
  3. thanks, i do have other shoes that might suit each of the dress better, but i'm hoping to wear this pair if i can, coz 1. this baby been in the box too long, it's really about time for them to step out, 2. i need to make sure the shoes i'm pairing with is also comfortable enough for me standing/dancing all night, and i have faith on this pair...

    but if its really bad, i do have alternatives to pair with..
  4. Number 3 dress! The theme of 'Starry Nights with fancy frocks and sharp suits' to me sounds very elegant, so I think number 3 dress is the most elegant choice you've shown us from this selection - do you have any other options?
  5. Since this is a work related party, I would be a bit more reserved (hence not #4 or #5). That leaves #1 - #3. If you want the shoes to match the outfit, I would choose #1 (matches perfectly!) and fits into the "fancy frock" theme. I do LOVE #2 as well... it's a WOW outfit, and you look amazing in it. The shoes match w/this outfit too... Have fun deciding!
  6. Number 3 and 4 looks very good on you. I would put and amazing accessory. You will look beautiful! :smile:
  7. Agree with CindyKay! I think the red dress is beautiful (dress #2)!
  8. I LOVE number 3, but I'm not sure if it's the angle, so it kinda looks off on you. Maybe it's the large cap sleeves? I think number 4 is the most flattering on you and works very well with the theme.
  9. #4, 5....
    #1..i like the top but not the lower half...too much going on.
    i would do a pair of simple pumps...
  10. I'm in love with dress no. 2!
  11. currently 2, 3, and 4 is sort of having same amount of likes.

    thank you all ladies, appreciate all your thoughts and suggestions, keep them coming!

    i'm sort of leaning towards 2 and 5 myself.
    with 4, i'm not 100% sure if i want to show this much cleavage in front of work ppl (CFOs and EGMs...errr... )
    3 is a cute dress, but i feel it's more like an afternoon tea sort of dress. also ninja, you're right, the shoulders are a little off on me. the dress can be worn in two ways, there are removable shoulder pads on this dress. but both ways the shoulders seem a bit too broad for my frame, i might need a little alterations there to get a perfect fit.

    Princess Pink, yes, i can come up with other options. But this couple here are sitting on top of my "i need to make it out of the wardrobe" list. LOL... i'm sure you girls can relate to this feeling... the two lace dress are sort of new, and the two HL dress been sort of sitting there a little while, so my goal is to break one of them out!
    The reason you asked if i have other options, is't bcoz these doesn't really suit the event? do you want to see something more dressier or different colour or...?
  12. i meant well...but i think #2 is too much for a work function.....
  13. I think the shoes are throwing me off for all of the options. I don't think #4 & #5 are appropriate for work functions. #1, & 2 all seem more 'party', than 'business'. #3 could work, with a simpler shoe.

    Do you have other options?
  14. I agree with DC-Cutie. I don't think the last two are appropriate for a work party. I don't mind #3 as much, but I think you can do better than what's posted here. IMO, for a work-related outing, the "work" part always comes first and overshadows "fancy frocks" or anything else. You should look nice, but not have anyone look at you significantly differently on Monday morning.
  15. ummm... ok lace is too fancy, HL is not appropriate.... :thinking:

    let me go home and see what's next on the list...

    but i do need to add is, bcoz this is our end of financial yr party, ppl do pretty much enjoy themselves at the night, having a good time, usually not really 'business', more 'party' actually...
    we used to do crazy themed ones before, and the recent few years they becoming more fancy, but the party vibe is still the same.

    i've been wearing black mini dresses for the past 2 years, so this year i'm trying to avoid black. i'm also avoiding maxis, coz i don't want to trip myself on the dance floor =p