Help me choose an outfit for a wedding


Which one?

  1. Deborah Sweeney

  2. BCBG

  3. Lewis Cho

  4. Gap

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  1. Gals, I need help. I have to go to a wedding on Saturday, but I can't decide which dress to wear. Here are the details: afternoon wedding in Laughlin, NV, on a yacht. No details on how formal it will be, so I assume semi-formal since it's an afternoon wedding? The reception afterwards will be cocktails and appetizers only (no dinner).

    I'd like to wear these pewter heels and matching clutch. Here are my choices:

    1) Deborah Sweeney one-shoulder dress: Dress is a faded black with bird print. Does it match with pewter? Is it too casual for a wedding?

    2) BCBG bubble-hem dress: Not sure if brown goes with pewter.

    3) Lewis Cho silk dress: is black appropriate for an afternoon wedding? Also, it's probably going to be 90 degrees in Laughlin, so I might be dying in the high neck and sleeves, but then again, I don't know if it's cooler on the water.

    4) Gap party dress: This is the "safe" outfit, but is it too girly?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, all!
    DSC01960.jpg DSC01963.jpg DSC01966.jpg DSC01973.jpg
  2. I really like all all of them and I think you look super cute in each of those pics. BUT, I really like the BCBG dress more than the others.

    The Gap dress looks a little too bridesmaid-ish IMO.

    The Lewis Cho is absolutely TDF, but I think with those sleeves (and being black) it would probably be too hot.

    The Deborah Sweeney is cute, but it just doesn't seem wedding-y for some reason.

    For some reason, the BCBG just screams afternoon wedding on a yacht to me! :yes:
  3. I like the BCBG as well
  4. Thanks! Looks like BCBG is the frontrunner so far. Will wait til Friday night to pack and will see if that's the one.
  5. bcbg!
  6. definitely the bcbg, #2. It's cute on you, and it's somewhat more formal and fashionable than the others. also its' the one that looks best with the pewter heels.
  7. Bcbg!
  8. I picked the BCBG one. I actually like the Lewis Cho one better, but I'm not sure about black and weddings.
  9. bcbg
  10. gap dress...