Help me choose an everyday bag: Delightful MM or Neverfull GM?

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  1. I have a hard time picking one so I need your guys help! So which one looks better on me the delightful or the never full? When I first tried the never full gm on I thought it was overwhelming but I tried the never full mm on and it looked too small on me. I like the delightful mm but I'm afraid of getting it dirty/color transfer. By the way this is my first LV purchase. Share your experiences and opinions. IMG_3716.JPG IMG_3717.JPG
  2. I love my Neverfull, but found the MM to be the right size. The GM is HUGE and I cannot imagine needing to carry around that much! Will you use a bag that big? I'm a Neverfull fan for sure, such an easy carry bag :smile:
  3. See the thing is I like how the gm looks cinched in when I tried on the mm it looked a little awkward on me and I'm very curvy so it looked small on me
  4. How long have you been using your never full? Is it still in good condition? Oh and when I tried the bags on they felt really stiff is that normal? if so how long does the stiffness last?
  5. The mono print really compliments you better when comparing the prints. The delightful will look smaller when loaded with your things because of gravity; the sides go up unless you have a purse organizer. My opinion regarding shape is the delightful mm size looks better on you than the boxy cinched neverfull.
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  6. I've had mine since October, she looks great! I've definitely gotten the handles dirty, but that's just going to happen. It is super slouchy and comfortable and got that way SO fast! I adore my Neverfull MM. I'm a curvy girl too and thought the MM looked great. I also love that the vachetta handles will stretch a bit. Originally that was my only concern, the straps put the bag a bit high under the arm for me. I carried my computer around for about two weeks and they are now perfect. Here are a few photos. The first is me (looking like a cow, ugh) trying it on in Boutique. The other two are my Neverfull loaded for work the next day :smile:

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  7. If it's your first LV and you're afraid of color transfer on the DA print on the Delightful, why don't you look at the monogram print? I'm not a big fan of the DA print myself due to fear of color transfer. Some will also say and it's NOT a rule, but that they tend to use their DA print more for spring and summer then year round. The monogram Delightful is beautiful and you wouldn't worry about the color transfer. As far as the NF goes, the GM is a rather large tote. I also feel the MM seems a tad small on me and therefore have never bought it, but the GM is HUGE on me. But, I do love the pochette that comes with the NF and you could use it as a wristlet from time to time. Also, people on here have said it's best not to cinch and uncinch the NF continually, but maybe occasionally. As far as stiffness, they all seem a little stiff, but most of the monogram pieces your talking about will relax with just a litte time.
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  8. I personally prefer the never full on you. I think it looks perfect!
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  9. Yeah I'm leaning more towards the delightful but the never full is such a classic bag but idk it's so hard to just choose one!
  10. Wow! the mm looks really good on you! :smile: It didn't look that good on me :sad: is that limited edition?
  11. It is! I didn't so much care about the graphics on the outside (god knows they charge extra for it!) but that turquoise is just DIVINE! I have a matching Clemence wallet too :smile: Love my Neverfull!!!
  12. The reason why I like the DA delightful is because of the pink inside it's soo pretty
  13. Thank you!
  14. Delightful is the most beautiful bag ever, & it looks great on you! I have it in DE, & it's so versatile.
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  15. If you love the Rose Ballerine interior, have you seen the Neverfull in Monogram with Rose Ballerine interior? That's what I have and it's just beautiful. Perfect for all year round! I'm also curvy and I love how the MM fits me.
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