Help me choose an agenda, please!

  1. I need a little help. I want a new agenda and I haven´t got a clue what to buy. Here´s a list of things I want:

    + color preferably pink, lilac, blue
    + must be durable (I use my agenda everyday and it´s always in my bag)
    + size about 19x12cm (7,5x4,7") or a little bit bigger
    + filofax inserts fits (I use ones which have a week/spread)
    + I don´t carry pen
    + I don´t want to spend more than 400 EUR (590 USD), but cheaper would be better :shame:
    + will be buying it in Copenhagen - I know Hermes, Chanel and LV have stores there

    Any suggestions ladies (or gentlemen)? :flowers:
  2. Damn, Im selling my LV Small Agenda on eBay...

    But its deff not pink, and deff not in Copenhagen!

    But its only $250 USD with all the agenda paper included haha
  3. I love my LV agenda. I have the medium-sized one and it was $455 US. It's so durable and I use it all the time. I have it in the Monogram, but it comes in all sorts of colors and prints. Check it out!
  4. I was at LV the other day and was pleasantly surprised at the price of their small agendas! They were around $240. They were really pretty, I'm going to get one eventually.
  5. I would try coach. They had some pink and baby blue colored leather agendas for spring. They may still come in those colors.
  6. I would definitely get an LV - I love mine - here's some :

    Vernis small ring (6 x 4)
    epi small ring:

    The medium ones are bigger - 7.5 x 5.5....... I'd definitely pop into LV & check them out.
  7. Thanks for replies :yes: Hmm, I don´t think that Coach is available in Scandinavia? LV small agenda could be nice, I do like epi. Vernis might be to fragile for my use (I use to have cles in framboise).