Help me choose a work tote!

  1. All these are Cole Haan, which I've seen and like. I don't like logos, and prefer simple leather bags with little/no studs and trimming. Something that would look good with either jeans or a suit. I am including 2 pics here, but if you have any other suggestions, by any other designer, please give me your ideas. Both these totes retail for around $350. I was also thinking of another bag
    so please feel free to let me know what you think.


  2. I like your taste, medhavini. They are all great and I love Cole Haan shoes and bags. I like the Paige med. tote in your other thread and the top one here (sorry, don't know the name) better than the hobo. I'd choose the top black one for myself, but you're a professional working woman/mother whose handbag needs are different from mine. I do like to carry a lot with me however, and this one looks like it would fit the bill.:yes:
  3. I like the first one.
  4. ^^^ i agree
  5. I like the first one too.
  6. I vote for the 1st one.
  7. I like bag that fall in a relaxed manner, so I'll go for the second one.
  8. I like the first one! I think that would be perfect to hold work papers and such (if your job requires that)!
  9. I like the first one in this thread and the one from your other thread is also nice. Not so keen on the second here - too plain and unstructured for me.
  10. I love the first one - really do.
  11. First one
  12. I love the second one.;)
    I'm a plain-bag gal. :p
  13. I love, love the second one. It looks sooo soft.
  14. I like the first one, but I usually check to make sure that there ar3e sufficient zipper compartments for safety purposes, as well as to find items easier.