help me choose a white bag!!!


Help me pick my new white flap bag!

  1. Classic white caviar jumbo flap

  2. New dk white washed caviar jumbo flap with new hardware

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  1. Ok, I now have in my hot little hands the white caviar classic jumbo flap (with the old/classic chain/leather strap) and the hot off the presses dark white washed caviar jumbo flap bag with the dk silver bijoux chain and the mademoiselle lock...

    the classic strap is longer and sits more at my hip, the new style bag sits more under my arm against my side...

    I am a little vavavoom in the hip department, do you really think I can pull off the longer strap in the jumbo classic? and which color is better? The classic is soooo white but I like the classic caviar better and the bag is overall more sturdy with a hard bottom. The new style does not have a firm bottom and with all I carry, I am afraid it will sag...HELP!!! :confused1: pics attached by the way, I am 5'3"
    Photo_06.JPG Photo_07.JPG IMG_0008.JPG
  2. You can always shorten the chain......I voted for the dark white with dark silver new chain. I have it in the med/large and the leather is so soft.....I just love the look of it!!!
  3. I voted for the jumbo classic white. its crisp and firm since you say that you carry lots of stuff

    if it the other bag were the reissue w/ the reissue chain and not the new chain then I'd be more torn.....but this bijoux chain only appeals to me on more contrasting bags.........but I say that now and tomorrow feel something different. LOL

    go w/ your gut

    good luck
  4. They both look great on you, but I voted for the classic jumbo. You seem to like that one a little more. Pick the one that most suits you. They both look great!

    off topic: what kind dogs are in your avatar? they are so cute!
  5. gators, my dogs are Vizslas. they are hungarian pointers, bird dogs, about 50-60 pounds, jsut big lap dogs really and the loves of our life! vizsla just means pointer in hungarian. I do rescue for this breed of dog in the state of I am always putting the word out about animal rescue...thanks for noticing!
  6. I thought they were vizslas! I have a Vizsla also. He will be a year old Sat. We adore him! He doesn't know he's a dog! Though he does have extreme amounts of energy! If I ever decide to add another to our family, a rescue is the way I want to go. You are a wonderful person for doing rescue work. What a job! I never knew how people could give them up...they are great family pets.

    Now, sorry for the hijack.....back to Chanel!
  7. I vote for the washed caviar. I think I might be biased because of the chain length. I dont like how it sits at the waist. The shorter chain of the washed caviar looked better I think. But if you can shorten the chain of the classic, I will get the classic, I think the color is better. good luck
  8. I agree with gators about your animal rescue work, I love you for that!!!!! But I differ in my bag choice. I think the new dark washed is so freaking hot, and I am really loving the mademoiselle lock and new dark chain.
  9. I love the clean lines of the new chain and mlle lock! BUT - you look so great in both of them! I don't think you can go wrong either way. :wlae:
  10. i like the washed caviar better too.. it's reminiscent of the reissue in dark white, which i love, except with a twist of the antiqued chain... i've never been a fan of jumbos but you are considering functionality too, so go w/ your needs as well and get the white caviar jumbo..
  11. washed caviar! it seems more durable and prettier than the traditional caviar.
  12. I'd go for this... This looks prettier on you!

  13. I also have the washed cavier in the medium. I think it has a softer more luxurious look to it. The color is really nice because it is so subdued.
  14. i voted for the washed caviar with new chain - love that bag and it looks great on you. I'm about the same size as you and have the same concern about the jumbo . But i feel it looks fine on you.
  15. ok ladies, i think with your help I have decided, the new washed caviar it is.... I just love the chain length and the more toned down white color....I would give my right arm for that dark white reissue from last year but this is a great second and the closest to a white reissue I will find. I won't use it every day so I think softer bottom will be less of an issue! thanks for your help! I jsut think I am too petite for the jumbo classic...

    unless any of you know for a fact that Chanel can shorten the chain straps? any ideas on that?