Help Me Choose A Weekend Bag! Plus Men's F/W 07 Video!!!


Help Me Choose A Weekend Bag Package!!!

  1. Tobago Carryall & Epi Mandarin Keepal 45

  2. Tobago Carryall & Damier Geant Archer

  3. Epi Mandarin Keepal 45 & Damier Geant Archer

  4. Monogram Canvas Coteville 40

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  1. hey guys im curentlly Sofa Queen Baned but I will Get lose pretty soon so I need you'r help to help me choose a week end bag im so tired of choosing myself so you'r help is greatlly apreciated:yes: you can tell me if you like package 1,2,3 etc also if you have the products give me some tips:yes: and to thank you here's a video of the fall winter 2007 mens runway show i had to convert it and upload it and it took me a wille:hysteric: but I did it all for you guys thanx and enjoy:flowers:
    Tobago Carryall & Epi Mandarin Keepal 45
    Tobago Carryall & Damier Geant Archer
    Epi Mandarin Keepal 45 & Damier Geant Archer
    Monogram Canvas Coteville 40
    Louis Vuitton F/W 2007 here's the linkYouTube - Louis Vuitton Men's F/W 2007
  2. My vote is for #2 - I like the subdued combination. Seem to go together nicely to me. And I love the Tobago Carryall. Can't go wrong with that. Any special plans??


    Tobago Carryall & Damier Geant Archer
    i like the first one, although they are similar bags, the look cute as though they matched!
  4. thanx girls keep voting...
  5. I voted for #2. I think it's teh perfect combo.
    I find that #1 were too similar. I love the Tobago carryall though.
    What will you use #4 for? It's gorgeous!!!
  6. Selection number 4!!!
  7. i like #1, b/c i love Mandarin epi, also you get the most room to stuff out of all the choices.
  8. 4 is a luggage pice it holds just enough for a weekend...
  9. definitely Tobago Carryall
  10. So it is not a briefcase? If it is not, and it is a luggage then I'm torn between #2 and #4. :confused1:

    I like the idea of getting to pieces at once but #4 is simply way too gorgeous. I'm going to have to go with number #4 even though I also love the Tobago carryall. Mmmh How about getting the luggage and the carryall?:yes: :p
  11. everyone seems to love tobago, I want the Brown shoe bag but SA said there's no more available on US. or Canada:crybaby:
    they only have the black one and me don't like...
  12. I love the Tobago. It seems to be a very practical bag. Even more practical than the luggage but the luggage is just too freakin' awesome too. I guess it depends on your personality and what you like more. I really love the shoebag too... Did you try calling 1-866-vuitton to to double check? Sometimes SA's are not 100% well inform. :yes:
  13. omg! i love that tobago carryall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but, the mono suitcase is hard to pass up...............
  14. i'd go for #2... the Tobago is *gorgeous* Not too hot on the Damier though.
  15. I can TOTALLY see you in the #2 combo. :graucho: