Help Me Choose A Wedding Venue!!!!

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  1. I need your help!!!!! Please, please, please help me pick a wedding venue!! Hopefully I'll be getting married in June 2009, and I love both of these venues, and would love all your opinions!

    Hazlewood Castle, Leeds


    Allerton Castle, North Yorkshire

  2. Allerton.
  3. Wow they're both stunning! But I think Hazelwood Castle wins my vote :love:
  4. My vote is for...... Allerton Castle.
  5. ditto!
  6. -both look amazing. If you aren't sure, look at the wedding packages, the dining room, reception room, menus, which would be a nicer venue for pictures, which venue manager that you've dealt with you feel is more capable etc etc, and decide with all of that in mind.
  7. I say Allerton Castle. It's so lush and fairy-tale like. Gorgeous!!!
  8. you get to get married in a castle??? that is AMAZING! either way, it will be wonderful! congratulations!!!
  9. both are very stunning venues but my vote goes to Allerton!
  10. i like Allerton.
  11. I vote yes for every one!

    How could you go wrong!?!

    Each is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Id vote for Allerton!!! :heart:
  13. Being a Northerner, of course I love both. But if i had to choose, I would choose Allerton.

    But anyway, which ever you choose, I'm sure will be just perfect. Congratulations.
  14. Allerton looks better from afar, but when you are there standing out the building, you will be staring at the bricks. There is very little greenery surrounding the castle. That's why I think Hazlewood is better. The back view with the water is picturesque.
  15. I vote for Allerton. :smile: