Help me choose a watch: - Panerai vs. Panerai, LOL.


Which one do you like?

  1. Base with no second-hand

  2. Marina with second-hand

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  1. I’ve forked out for a Panerai Luminor Marina watch only last month but on reflection it was probably a bit too gung-ho and a bad decision because it is so un-‘retro’ :upsidedown: (because 1. the date on it, 2. the dial is not black and 3. it’s not a right-handed version, though this is not too important) which is in the attachment:

    Fortunately I get a chance to redeem myself with either of these Luminors: - one has second-hand and one hasn’t. So I want to get rid of the one I have and buy either one of these now. The thing is I’m in dilemma because the first one has that distinctive Panerai second-hand at 9 o’clock but then the second one is like the original original worn by Italian military frogmen in 2nd World War.


    So just from the aesthetic perspective of the face (forget about the strap because you get a screwdriver to change it), which one do you think is cuter given that both look like some kind of glo-in-the-dark $9.99 cheapo from Wal-Mart anyway. BTW I love this so no one will ever think of cutting off my hand to steal it, LOL.
  2. Marina with second hand! I love this watch! Its still as simple as the base, but with a little extra without looking overly sporty! Its suucchhh a pretty watch!
  3. My DH says go with the Marina with 2nd Hand, also BTW the pic of the Base with the Logo has a Solid S/S Backing whereas the Marina has a Clear Saphire See-thru Backing.
  4. Thanks a lot for your opinion. Two is enough because originally I wanted the Marina as well but the sales gentleman was keen for me to have the Base (even though it's cheaper) because he said it's more 'historic.'