Help me choose a wallet!

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  1. Once again I call on you, trusty tpf friends, to make a decision! I'm having trouble deciding which wallet to purchase. My choices are insolite coin purse, zippy coin purse, Marie wallet and also Emilie wallet lingers on my mind. So pleas help me choose and for those of you whom own any of these wallet, please give me your opinion on it:smile:
  2. Zippy coin purse.
  3. I'm also considering getting the pochette nm, as I already own the French purse wallet, and do not currently own a pochette?
  4. And my budget just got a boost so now, trunks and locks insolite and mc Sarah is also in the mix!
  5. I would go with the insolite or sarah
  6. Zippy coin purse. I have it and it is a great and durable little wallet.
  7. I would go for the insolite
  8. Thank you all for your inputs:smile:
  9. I don't own any myself but am really drawn to the insolite
  10. I ordered the Insolite Coin wallet and the Emilie in Red last week and sadly both went back.

    I liked the Insolite Coin wallet but not in person. It seemed bulky when I put my things in it and I don't carry much. I also thought the coin section would hold any extra cards but it turned out to be too tight for that. Bummer....

    I loved and adored the Emilie wallet with the Rouge. But after putting my things in this wallet I realized how flimsy the canvas feels and I can see how the cc slots would stretch out easily (read others had this problem) so it went back as well.

    For me I might stick with the men's style wallet, they're slim and hold everything I need.

    Good luck in your search!!!
  11. Insolite for me hands down, love mine a whole lot! GL :smile:
  12. From your choices, i own the zcp and sarah

    Zcp is a grt smaller wallet but i just outgrew it. I also dont like folding cash (we have polimer bills here)

    I love my sarah but it is quite a bit larger. Love the layout and it is so classy and holds everything i need.
    If i had to choose just one of these 2 i would pick sarah

    I think i setttled for a smaller wallet a few yrs ago to avoid spending big bucks butnthen we were blessed w a baby finally and i carry more so had to upgrade
  13. Emilie is great

    9000th post :smile:
  14. +1 Especially if you need more card space and don't need a compact wallet. :smile: I have the Sarah in Pomme and love it ~ 10 card slots. The Insolite wallet has 12.
  15. INSOLITE I own 2 the wmc and ikat Indian rose love them! I can fit my phone in the zippered compartment on the outside also which is iPhone 5s so hands down insolite. I owned a zcp n it was annoying didn't fit my cards and coins the coins always went flying around