Help me choose a wallet for my new purse

  1. Many of you have seen my new unusual purse, now I want to get a new wallet for it. I like the continental, the price difference is not a lot from the flap french, but I think the continental would pull my purse down.

    Which one do you think I should buy.
  2. Oops, I don't know what happened with the pictures.
  3. Sorry about that, here they are. I included a picture of my new purse too.
    141411_F4DYG_9643[1].jpg 154256_F4DYG_9643[1].jpg 162360_ABJ2G_2061[1].jpg 162759_ABJ2G_2061[2].jpg gucci 003.jpg
  4. i like the last one :smile:
  5. Since I know you.. I say go with the first one...
  6. I like the last one too..It will be a nice contrast when you whip out your wallet! Although they are ALL lovely!
  7. I like the first wallet,cool bag:yes:
  8. I like #2 or #3...but that's cuz I can't live without a big wallet!!!
  9. I like #3.

  10. :shame:
  11. I like the first one. BTW, I love love the bag.
  12. #1 or#2...IMO they match better with the bag(which is adorable...congrats!)
  13. I like #2 or #3. #1 and #4 seem a little too small. Since the bag is big enough I vote for #2 or #3.
  14. Thank you all--I still can't decide--I like all of them.