Help me choose a wallet for my hubby

  1. Hubby and his friend were hanging out the other day and he came to show me a wallet his friend found and was willing to sell to hubby. They both thought it was a real LV and I didn't want to hurt their feelings by flat out saying "it's fake" so I told them I'd research on the computer and we all together determined it to be fake. However, hubby was really interested and said it would be nice to have one but he is not the type to go out and indulge himself. The wallet he is using now is a Coach one I bought him a couple of years ago and he showed it off to his friend that day saying it was a real Coach so I felt a little amazed that he actually was proud of his designer item.

    Now that I know he would use a Louis Vuitton, I want to get a wallet for him on our vacation for an anniversary present. Help me figure out to get him. He really liked the fake one so it gives me an idea of what he would like. He likes the monogram design and a slot with the clear plastic to store his driver's license in. Pockets for credit cards and a place to put bills, of course. He does not like to carry coins so no coin pocket necessary but the clear plastic slot for id is a must. He carries his wallet in his back pocket so nothing long. Any suggestions would be really helpful.