Help me choose a wallet and a handbag

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  1. I am new to this forum and I got my first LV wallet last week. Its an Insolite wallet (monogram) and I can use it as a wristlet too. But i am not sure whether I can use it as an everyday wallet. What do you think? I saw the other posts and people voted for sarah and zippy. Its not even a week since I bought it. I am planning to go to the store this week to get a LV bag. Do you think I should exchange it with a zippy or sarah? Question # 2: Regarding a LV bag, I am not sure what to get. I loved the Alma in ebene but people think its heavy. Is that true? I want a classy at the same time everyday bag. Could you help me choose?
  2. Well i think the Insolite is a great wallet i would keep it! Sidenote most of the stores are running low on ZCP soo if you are thinking you want to exchange then you might want to go soon. I think the Alma is a great everyday bag, have you looked at the speedy bags? they are a timeless and classic bag!
  3. I use my Insolite as an everyday wallet, no problems with it at all.
    Alma isn't heavy at all, IMO. Ebene will make it a great everyday bag since you'll never have to baby it as well.
  4. Alma is not heavy but I wouldn't use her as an everyday bag. It's not that practical and I baby my Alma every time I carry her.
  5. I think an Alma would be a great choice (no I don't find it heavy). And I would personally choose a Sarah or Zippy to go with it
  6. i have the insolite wallet and use it every day. i adore it!

    i do not have an alma, so i can't comment on the weight, but it is a gorgeous, classic and bag and the shape is timeless! good luck deciding!
  7. i think you can use the insolite as an everyday wallet but if you are not sure go with a zippy wallet, they are definately good for every day use.

    Also, i have the Alma in Vernis and i find it is quite heavy for everyday use, if you want classic but still everyday definately try on speedy 35 in monogram or damier depending on which you prefer. The speedy is a timeless classic, can carry a lot inside it and still isnt very heavy

    hope thats helpful.

    ps i have the sarah wallet and the popper broke after a year which i need to get fixed so i dont recomend it for everyday use x
  8. Also, i am new to this forum aswell and cant figure out how to make a post of my own, could anybody help me? thankyouu x
  9. Thanks for all your suggestions. Say if i go with Alma, do you think insolite wallet is a good choice to go with it?
  10. The insolite wallet could definitely be an everyday wallet.
    I'm inlove with the Almas and I don't find her heavy at all (:
  11. I think both the Insolite wallet and the Alma are good for everyday use.
  12. yeh i agree, maybe my Alma is heavy because it is in Vernis and it is the largest one you can get.

    Please may someone help me, how do i make my own thread? thankyou xxx
  13. I love my insolite, but I would get the compact zippy to go with the ebene Alma!
  14. hi LVoe EJC

    go to and scroll to the bottom and you will see New Thread button to your left. Click that and you will be able to post your message. Hope this helps.
  15. The Insolite wallet is so pretty, you should keep it! I don't have it but have been thinking about it a lot lately and decided that it is a great functional every day wallet. The Alma in Damier Ebene isn't too heavy and it can work as an every day bag so I say go for it. I just don't use mine every day because I prefer the comfy shoulder bag that is the Galliera. Hope that helps! Good luck deciding.