Help me choose a trip in July: Japan vs. Singapore & Bali

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Would you go to Japan or Singapore + Bali?

  1. Japan!

  2. Singapore + Bali!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm looking at traveling to Japan (Osaka, Kyoto & Tokyo) or Singapore + Bali for 7-10 days. I'll be with my husband and 2 year old. I'll also be 7 months pregnant. This is pretty much a babymoon, as we won't plan on taking any big trips til 2015.

    I know they are totally different trips, but the cost of flights would be about the same. Japan would probably end up pricier, with total cost.

    Pros: Cultural sites, big cities, FOOD. We'd probably go to Disney Sea for my daughter (and me haha). Japan is #1 on my DH's return list.
    Cons: it'll be HOT and expensive.

    Pros: won't have to pay for accommodation in Singapore (stay with friends). Can take daughter to Zoo & Universal Studios.
    Cons: not my favorite place to visit, but would have fun with my family and friends (so I'm willing).

    Pros: cultural sites, relaxation. DH hasn't been.
    Cons: I've been there before and DH is willing, but not overly excited.

    Where would you go? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi gee, are you looking for more relaxing time or exploring the cities.
    I think that reason aside will help the decision. I feel the Japan trip will be slightly more hectic than Singapore and Bali. I could see you guys would have relax times in Bali at the end of the trip (I assuming Bali is the last leg) after the Singapore sightseeing
  3. Agreed with cesca... Depending in where you go I feel like Japan will be too hectic with a young child and could be pretty stressful. I like the organization and structure of Singapore and relaxation of Bali...
  4. I vote for Japan as it's a place everyone in your family is excited to go. it can be as hectic or relaxing as you want.

    I do wonder why you put HOT as a con for Japan and not for Singapore or Bali as all three are pretty scorching in the summer, which is when you will go, I assume (I came closest to heatstroke in Singapore is why I ask).
  5. Japan! But for July, I would consider going to Sapporo, its their lavender season. Its slower pace than Tokyo. 7-10days is enough. Weather is also cooler as its the northern part of Japan.

    But if Sapporo really isnt into your consideration, I enjoyed myself tremendously at Osaka and Kyoto when I went this year feb. People there are so polite and gracious. I love Japanese cuisine too!
  6. I suggest to everywhere to NOT visit Japan in summer. I first went in August last year and it was the worst. My boyfriend and I have been to Singapore multiple times and we could not stand the heat and humidity in japan in summer. I went this year in spring and it was the best. You're better off saving that money to go during spring or even winter. It's seriously so beautiful and the weather is perfect. You won't like japan in summer when you're 7 months pregnant!

    Moreover, Singapore isn't that bad, quite touristy but you can relax in Bali after. It would be perfect for a baby moon. Take care in Bali, though! I hear more bad stories than good stories out of there.