help me choose a tote for work.


Which Tote Should I Choose For Work?

  1. Leather Ergo Tote.

  2. Signature Gallery Tote.

  3. Other. [Please Suggest.]

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. ok, so i'm looking for a tote to stash away for when i get a job after i get my certification.

    so here's what i need in a work tote:

    - sturdy, won't slouch when i put it down.
    - large enough for a portfolio, letter sized notepad and a small 3-ring binder.
    - large enough for shoulder, but not too big for arm.
    - really cute. :p

    here are the 2 i've narrowed it down to;

    Ergo Belted Magazine Tote. says: 12 7/8 L x 19 1/2 H x 2 W
    Only Problem - Does It Slouch?


    Gallery Signature North-South Tote. says: 12 L x 12 H x 5 W
    Only Problem - Is It Big Enough?


    If You Have Another Bag In Mind, Please Suggest. Thanks.
  2. I love gallery totes! They're very functional and look really polished.
  3. I use my gallery totes for work all the time, it's about the only thing that holds my planner nicely. I love them. And I think they look very polished. I think you should be okay with the North South tote when it comes to size, I can fit a lot in mine and it's shorter.
  4. I think the Ergo is more professional for work and also will be easier to carry over a period of time. Also it looks like it can handle heavier weights.
  5. The belted ergo does not look like it stands up on its own (or does it??). How about the madeline business tote or a hamptons carryall?
  6. here's the main thing i'm looking for:

    does the ergo tote slouch? thanks.
  7. I think the north south gallery tote would fit everything just fine. I fell in love with that bag, but thought it was too big for everyday use (for me, I carry very little). It's a great bag. I also love the ergo, but I don't know if it slouches. I guess my vote is the gallery tote :yes:
  8. thanks everyone for your votes.
    anyone else? :shame:
  9. I voted for the gallery tote because I think it will hold more and I think the ergo will slouch and it wont stand up on its own like you were looking for. Can't wait to here what you decide on.
  10. The ergo is my absolute favorite line that Coach has put out, but for WORK, and I cant believe I am saying this, but I would vote for the gallery tote. But ONLY in chocolate signature!!!!
  11. I wouldn't rule out a Hamptons business tote. They hold everything, look polished, and are comfortable to carry. And when you aren't using it as a tote per se it's a great large handbag.
  12. How about a Madeline tote? I like using leather for work because I think it's more professional, but they also have it in signature if that's what you like too! Plus it has a cute scarf one it that makes you stand out!

    It comes in a large size but also a business size that is bigger. So if you have a lot to carry that may be good too.

    Large Leather


    Business Signature

  13. the only thing thats keeping me guessing with the gallery tote is the portfolio that i'm planning on getting.

    Tanned Leather Portfolio. says: 9 13/16 L x 12 3/4 H x 3/4 W


    Portfolio -
    9 13/16 L x 12 3/4 H x 3/4 W
    Gallery Tote -
    12 L x 12 H x 5 W
    Ergo Tote -
    12 7/8 L x 19 1/2 H x 2 W

    If it stuck out the top of the bag, it'd bother me quite a bit. :confused1:
  14. bump for more replies.

    also, if i were to get the gallery tote, i'd probably have to get it in black sig,
    because the portfolio is black, and black and brown don't match.

    so updated list of what's going in work tote:
    - laptop, maybe? 13 1/2 T x 10 W x 1 D
    - portfolio, definitley.
    9 13/16 L x 12 3/4 H x 3/4 W
    - agenda. 6x8

    i'm thinking more and more i'm going to have to take a roll-along luggage to work. :p
  15. I prefer the black ergo, but then again I'm partial to leather bags.