Help me choose a stone!

  1. Ok I'm turning 18 in 3 months and its time to think of a b'day present (from parents and sister) i have a budget of approx. $500 i want something that i can use forever i.e. jewelry (btw open to suggestions to anything don't limit to jewelry)
    I was thinking about a ring obviously a diamond is out of the q with the budget and i don't do CZ or the fake stuff. (no offense to those who like it)
    anyway i want something with a bit of sparkle, i like onyx (because its black and wil match everything) but i want something that is more transparent so you can see the cut of the stone. Since i dont know much about the variety of stone it hink you gals could help me out. i hate emeralds and anything green but apart from that open to suggestions.
    Oh and the cut im looking at is a baguette/emerald, would mind somthing yellow or orange. and btw i am a guy so keep that in mind.
  2. how about a dark sapphire?
  3. If you like diamonds perhaps a ring with several smaller stones rather than 1 large stone. That would fit into you budget.

    Other suggestions would depend upon what sort of ring you're planning on getting. Pinky ring? Ring finger?
  4. early happy birthday! i know you mention you would like some sparkle but i think a hand engraved signet ring would be nice if you can forgo the sparkle. i know you can get this for 500.

    check out the concave cut gem stones of a guy named richard homer. he does beautiful work. i am not sure if you were saying you do or don't like orange and yellow. if you do speesarite garnet and yellow sapphire are good options. they are pricey if they are genuine well cut stones so i doubt 500 will do it. citrine may be affordable. i hope you find something you love.
  5. Have you thought about Lapis Lazuli for a pinky ring. It's a deep blue stone veined with gold and depending on the way it is set, makes a very masculine and handsome ring.
  6. I'm fond of tourmaline (sp?). They have beautiful sparkle, come in a number of colors, are naturally faceted and in your price range.


  7. What about something with black diamonds. If they are pave, you could get about a 1/2 carat or so for $500.
  8. Very fun! How about a beautiful pearl necklace? You can get a classic and fairly large mm size necklace for around $500. A pearl necklace is the perfect thing for an 18th birthday. You're "officially" an adult. :smile: lol Although I must say I didn't feel like an adult until...well...actually I still find it hard to believe sometimes.

    Another very gorgeous stone for a ring would be a Smokey Quartz cut in a way to make it sparkle - it's one that you could see through. Or Rose Quartz if you prefer pink to a brown. I think you could get both of these stones in large sizes in a ring or even a necklace pendant.
  9. wow. well there are interesting rings for guys at

    not too expensive and real diamonds -- lots under $500

    sorry, they automatically convert the URL to this stupid tag line. its a search I saved.

    You can go to and type "men's diamond ring" in the search box and get the same thing, or click below on their cheezy tagline.

    I've bought diamonds from them before and they are pretty good. Happy Birthday!, save up to 80% every day!

    this pave one is super glittery: 14-kt. Yellow Gold Pave 1/4-ct Diamond Men's Ring : Jewelry
  10. Happy Early Birthday!

    I just wanted to say that is great that you are looking for something you can use forever. Obviously this is a special birthday and it is nice you are looking to pick something that will last forever.

    I think the ring is a great idea. MissPoufy had a great suggestion about a ring with a line of small stones. You mentioned you're a guy and I noticed a lot of guys (and girls too actually) wear these. They are great because they look great with anything causal or formal that you wear.
  11. I just drew a few designs up (excuse the messy and horrible drawing) I'm warming up to the idea of small diamonds. I just remembered about a year ago my mother said my dad has a ring he never wears (he rarely wears jewelry since he is a chef, and of habit he doesn't wear it out) It has 4 small diamonds in it and she said i could pull them out if i wanted and make a different setting. It is in yellow gold but i despise this i only wear metals of silver coloration. They are all round tiny diamonds and i would guess around 1/2 a carat in total

    Here are the details of my designs

    Design 1:
    This was my original design, i made this post for i would LOVE in a diamond but it would unfortunately cost and arm and a leg (one day in the future one day lol). This is tension set HUGE baugette stone, with wg/ss bushed band.
    Design 2:
    This one is hard to explain, look at the pic, square topped ring with a tension set small diamond in the corner, surrounded in a casing of metal and opened to one side (sorry about that description)
    Design 3:
    Simple brushed wg/ss band hollowed on top and has 2 pave tiny baguette diamonds (or other stone) on either side.
    Design 4:
    three small diamonds each looped in a tension set on a square top in a row set in wg/ss
  12. Wow! Those are amazing sketches!!! I love all the ring designs. :smile: My wedding ring (which was stolen :sad: ) was a faux tension setting and I absolutley loved it. It's very different and I really don't see a lot of them around. Maybe save that design for your wedding ring someday.

    I think the third design is very different and would be perfect as a '18th' birthday gift.
  13. I like No.2 and No. 4 except that neither would work for the small diamonds you have.

    I remeber from previous threads that you live in Sydney; have you ever been top Venerari jewlers in the Strand Arcade? They have some really nice, modern and powerful designs and they could make you up something to your designs.

    They also have black gold which is the most amazing looking metal...
  14. do you think that desing 3 (with diamonds) is in my budget?
  15. It depends a lot on the metal of the ring and the quality of the diamonds...platinum is more expensive than white gold which is more expensive than silver.

    Bad quality diamonds are cheaper than good quality.
    What cut are the stones from your dad's ring?