help me choose a speedy :D

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  1. i have been eyeing a few speedies on ebay lately and i think i have it narrowed down to these ones:


    i realise the price may seem high to some of you, but it's still $200 less than retail here in montreal.


    the only reason i'm hesitant over this one is because of the darker patina and there appears to be some wear on the bottom corner.


    if you guys had to choose, which one would you go for? right now i'm leaning towards #1 and #3- anyone care to share their thoughts on the first one?
  2. i'm looking for a used bag that's in the best condition possible. i sold my papillon last year and i severely regret it, but figured i would go for a bigger bag like the speedy because i tend to carry alot with me.

    thanks for the link to the speedy, it looks really good- i don't know how i missed it (i swear i've been looking all morning!).

    i don't mind a bag with a patina, actually, i love the patina which is why i am looking into pre-owned bags, but i would ideally like to find one that isn't too dark.
  3. I'm confused....isn't this link the same handbag that was the OP's 3rd choice?
    That is how the link is pulling up for me. :huh:
  4. I think #1 looks the nicest. It has patina, but not too dark. Looks nice. :biggrin:
  5. oh yes, it is

    i edited my post and forgot to mention that i just added it and now for some reason the edit button isn't there. i'm considering it now :amuse:
  6. Hmm, the first link, the inside canvas looks almost grey.. it's supposed to be brown, right? At least it is in mine (which I bought in a LV store). The side tag is also a little weird looking, but maybe it's just the angle the picture is taken.. But the seller is a poupette seller, so it's probably real. Do the older models have grey canvas inside? or maybe it's just the picture making it look more grey than it is.
  7. LOL! She had me thinking I was going crazy for a minute there!! :nuts:
  8. i'm pretty sure all models, old and new have the drk brown lining. the lining shows up brown on my monitor, not dark, but definitely brown. but now i'm second guessing.
  9. But isn't that the one that was presumably fake? :wacko:
  10. oh man, my poor editing skills obviously need to be improved, sorry for the confusion guys. the last bag is now the bag blackbutterfly suggested and i removed the link to the fake. so those are the three potential contenders.

    i'm really not making this easy am i? :lol:

    does anyone else think that the first one may not be authentic?
  11. Just be patient and you can get some great authentic LV deals on eBay.

    I got my speedy 25 that is perfect- just has a honey colored patina for $345 and that included the shoulder strap.

    I didn't want the strap, so I resold it on eBay for $100.
  12. all your used ls are so expensive in the U.S and U.K. May be you should try out the German ebay. Most of them ship to the U.S and they are cheaper. i could be of assistance if you need translation. All new bags are cheaper here, too.
  13. Hi Melissa!
    GOOD LUCK on purhasing a SPEEDY! I have a SPEEDY 30, and totally love it! Its got so much room! :smile:
  14. But for $7 more she could buy it brand new :Push: