Help me choose a small Damier shoulder bag

  1. Hi, my first "help me choose" thread! I'm looking for a smallish Damier shoulder bag for when I want to be hands free. I already have a Saleya PM and MM, but I'm looking for something smaller (but bigger than a pouchette), preferably with one strap.

    I'm between a Tango with long strap or an Illovo PM. What do you think? I'm also open to suggestions!

    Thanks everyone for your help!
  2. I love the Illovo!
  3. what about speedy with shoulder strap?
  4. Thanks, but I'm looking for something smaller than a speedy that is really comfortable to wear on my shoulder.
  5. Illovo Pm, it's a great bag! There are a few posts on her extolling it's virtues, I love mine & highly recommend getting one.
  6. I'd go w/ the Illovo PM!
  7. Thanks everyone, I've seen the Illovo at the boutique and I remember it being cute, but haven't seen the Tango, just pictures of it. Has anyone seen the Tango IRL?
  8. I vote for the Illovo!!

    The tango is good, too but a little narrow so if you're the type who needs to put a lot of stuff then the illovo might be good for you coz it is a little roomier.
  9. if you are considering the azur, try the saleya or petit noe