Help me choose a Silverado color!


Which color?

  1. Hazelnut

  2. Bordeaux

  3. Neither, save your money (ha!)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am thinking of splurging on a Chloe silverado from the AR sale :nuts: What the hell, I deserve it! Now, what color to get? I need some help :graucho: My wardrobe consists of practically everything, in so many different colors, so I'm afraid that won't be of much help :p



  2. Love the Bordeaux!
  3. Thanks! I'm leaning toward hazelnut, because I like the hardware. I think it goes better with the color of the bag. But, I love the dark color of the bordeaux!
  4. I love the bordeaux, but if you're leaning towards hazelnut, that is also a beautiful choice and a nice neutral!!
  5. The hazelnut reminds me of my taupe paddy which might just be the most versatile bag I own, so the h'nut gets my vote.
    I love, love, love silverados! :yahoo:They are nice and light to carry compared to paddies.
  6. I bought the hazelnut silverado! :drool: My first Chloe purchase since I bought my whiskey paddy last year, then stupidly sold it 4 months later! I've regretted selling that bag since the day I mailed it out.

    Oh boy, am I on a bag ban :shame: I think I'm going to call in sick to work the day it's scheduled to arrive LOL! I saw that AR doesn't accept returns on sale items, so I hope I like it. If not, to eBay it goes! :wlae:
  7. congrats! it's a beautiful bag and a great deal! i think you will love it!
  8. Yay! Enjoy it! i know you will love it.
  9. lol, so much for the poll, that was quick. I like the hazelnut because of the neutral hardware and on sale too! woohoo! post pics when u get her!!
  10. :lol: Yeah, I was kinda already decided on hazelnut, but I thought I'd start a poll, anyway :p I cannot wait to get it!

    How reliable is AR's shipping, and how quickly are their orders processed? I went to FedEx and calculated transit times. I need to intercept the package before PHBF (purse-hating boyfriend) sees it! :shame:
  11. I like both but I think the Hazelnut looks really great in the Silverado, so glad you got her! Enjoy!!.