Help me choose a shade of grey: AI Large Tote or Bohemian Duffle

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Which grey bag: Legacy Bohemian Duffle or Legacy AI Large Tote

  1. Bohemian Duffle in Grey

  2. American Icons Large Tote in Elephant

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  1. Hi ladies! Having discovered the Legacy line of Coach bags I am back after a few years of Coach hiatus! I love so many but am trying to choose between the Elephant colored AI large tote and the grey bohemian large duffle. I have not been able to see either one in person, unfortunately. In my searches in the TPF Coach area I have not found any comments on these colors. It sounds like people have liked the AI Large Tote, with the possible exception of the belted closure. I have not found any info on the day-to-day use of the Bohemian Duffle. The clock is ticking on that FB coupon, so any help you can offer would be much appreciated!
  2. I'm actually thinking of getting the elephant AI Large Tote. Saw it at my store and fell in love!
  3. I have the Bohemian Duffle in the Chocolate. I chose it sight unseen - I finally saw the gray IRL at Macy's - it's a dull, flat gray (just my opinion, as compared to the richness of the chocolate). I've also seen the AI Tote in Elephant - and it's a great gray - very deep and rich - MUCH more so than the Gray Bohemian. I loved the first pictures of the gray Bohemian - so I was surprised how boring it was, especially being a Pinnacle bag.
    Hope that helps!
  4. I love the AI tote in Elephant, I would call it a graphite grey - just beautiful. I'm eyeing this in Chocolate too.
  5. Thank you, ladies, for your thoughts and votes on the poll. Voters chose the bohemian and commenters favored the AI tote. So, I ordered the elephant tote and the color block black multi duffle! The plan is to just keep one. We don't have to make sense when we shop do we??

    When they come, I will post a comparison.

    Off topic, but maybe you can help, how does this PCE business work? I keep reading about those discounts and they sound quite nice!

    Thanks everyone!
  6. I have seen them both at my flagship store, I would totally do the AI elephant tote, I wanted both until I seen the duffle and it just didn't wow me, I would just buy the regular duffle in gray and save almost 50%.
  7. I am waiting the delivery of my American Icons large tote in elephant. I was wondering how much can be put in the bag. I haven't seen this bag in person.
    It seems like a true tote more than a handbag. I am hoping for a bag large enough that I can put in an extra sweater, ipad, etc for traveling days. For those of you who already have this bag - do you find yourselves using it as a purse or tote?

    Can't wait to see it and use it!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  8. I haven't seen the grey Bohemian Duffle IRL, but I have seen the AI totes in Elephant and that grey is near-perfection, IMO. I want the Elephant grey on the Bohemian Duffle, but it doesn't sound like the Duffle's grey can measure up. I love grey bags but I'm picky about my greys, and I like them to have depth and warmth.