Help me choose a scarf!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Up to this point, I have not accessorized any of my bags. But after seeing all kinds of scarves, charms and bandeaus floating by of tpf, I'm thinking of testing it out. I think some kind of scarf is best for me.

    Since I don't know how I feel about it yet, I'm trying to go pre-loved. No point buying something super expensive and then realizing it's not my thing.

    So here are three that I found that I like. And here are the bags I want to use it on. Which one do you think is most versatile given the collection I'm working with?
    image-1639992208.jpg image-2606928695.jpg image-4124528976.jpg image-458453511.jpg
  2. The last one for sure!! Would look super cute on your bags!!
  3. I love your Speedy collection! I've been thinking of getting something to accessorize my bags, too! So many choices!! I'd probably get the first or last one.
  4. I like the LV scarf the best, but I think the second Hermes scarf pictured would go with the most of your bags :smile:
  5. First !
  6. léopard bandeau
  7. Leopard :biggrin:
  8. Leopard
  9. Yeah, I really love the leopard one too, but I have the feeling the last one would actually work better with the bags. Thus my conundrum.
  10. Leopard or the last Hermes, the Hermes will fit all your bags. Leopard only some of them
  11. Leopard
  12. I know!

    Decisions, decisions...
  13. For you bag collection I would say the last one.