Help me choose a satchel

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Which satchel?

  1. Get the heritage stripe, it's adorable!

  2. Go for the gun metal!

  3. Get both!!!

  4. Neither, I'll suggest a bag

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  1. I just can not make up my mind, too many bags to chose from!

    Ok so I have the Sig Stripe Gunmetal satchel on hold at Macy's, ready and waiting to be picked up tomorrow.

    But...I've also fallen in love with the Heritage Stripe small satchel in Berry which I found on eBay.

    They are totally different bags but if you had to chose one which one? I'm trying to win my mom the XL berry satchel but that one is WAY too big for my tastes I think.
  2. i would love to help, but i can't picture them in my head. Either I'm tiered or clueless... I m not sure... Do you have pics?
  3. I have a black/gunmetal tote and a heritage tote so I dont think Im going to be much help here. As I would tell you to grab both of them!! :yes::shrugs:
  4. If you can afford it get both! If not I say take a look at your wardrobe and re-evaluate each bag to see which one will work better for you.
  5. Pics please!
  6. not my pictures

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  7. I love the gunmetal satchel! I have a capacity wristlet in these colors and I just adore it!
  8. They both are so totally different color wise, so if possible, I'd try to get both. But if I HAD to chose one over the other I'd probably get the black/gunmetal, but only because I wear alot of black.
  9. I don't wear that much black, but I do like the bag.

    Thanks for voting and all the input, if I ever make up my mind I'll let you know what I chose!
  10. I love the gun metal satchel...Thats my choice.
  11. gunmetal seems to be the vote.. that is mine btw. :smile: