Help me choose a Rogue ! ?

  1. Hi Everyone ! So I am about to make a Coach purchase . It has been years since I bought a Coach bag . I always loved the Rogue design . Now is the perfect time because I will be starting a new part time job soon . And I wanted a nice bag I could carry to work with me .
    In the past I felt this bag was on the heavy side and not really suitable for my casual everyday lifestyle . Now that things have changed . I can make the Rogue work .
    So my question is , which one : Its between the Olive / black or the Grey suede ?
    I did call Coach just to make sure I can order these and the SA said yes , they can get either of these from the warehouse . So any thoughts on these colors would greatly be appreciated ! ?
    BTW , I will mostly be wearing black , white , or grey colors to work . If that helps :smile:
    Thanks so much :smile:
  2. I like grey suede, but if you wardrobe is mostly black, white and grey I would say get the olive for a pop color.
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  3. I'm voting Olive. It'll be much more durable for an everyday bag -- no worrying about water spots or colour transfer etc. on the suede. It's also just as neutral as the grey IMO. :smile:
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  4. 20170911_141025.jpeg
    I vote for olive!!
  5. Another vote for Olive!
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  6. The grey suede is beautiful, but I am giving another vote to Olive. It is neutral, yet still adds some colour to a mostly neutral wardrobe - I mostly wear grey, black, creams to work as well and find it works well. The blue suede lining also is a nice compliment if you ever wear blue/navy, and it is on the inside where it is not exposed to the elements and as much wear and tear like the grey suede :smile:

    However, I would just note that Olive was somewhat known for having veining (which showed as lighter coloured streaks on the leather), which bothered some. My bag has some light veining on the backside noticeable in some lighting (which does not bother me personally). You may need to order a couple times to get one without it if that is important to you.

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  7. Olive!
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  8. Olive! There's an olive NWT on the bay for $599.95 free shipping. That doesn't have any veining. Just an fyi (not my auction)
  9. Except it would be cheaper from JAX as the last price of them was 50% off (which comes to under $400) with free shipping in the U.S. JAX should honour their last sale price.
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  10. Thank you for the reply !!! I am leaning towards the olive because like you said , it would add a pop of color :smile:
  11. Thanks for your vote !!! And thank you for posting a picture . Your bag is stunning !!!!!! One question , do you think the olive color will be prone to color transfer ? Not that I will wear it much with dark denim . But if I decide to wear the bag out of work , I tend to love my denim jeans :smile:
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  12. Thank you for the response ! I did not know this about the veining on the rogue in olive . I am super picky so will keep an eye out for this :sad: I also love the color navy . This is a nice contrast to the black and olive exterior .
    Your bag is gorgeous !!! Thank you for posting a picture . This thread has been very helpful :smile:
  14. Yes ! This is true . The SA did mention this to me .. Curious , where is Jax located ? I assume this is there warehouse location .
  15. Jacksonville Fl If they are still open right now.
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