Help me choose a Paddington Color

  1. Hi Gals!

    Can you please give me your advice on which bag I should keep? Orginally I ordered a Chloe Paddington Satchel with Strap in Muscade, but was sent the wrong color.:cursing: They sent me Gazelle instead. So when I called to tell them about the mistake, the saleswoman was telling me about the mastic, so I had her send that one as well . :sweatdrop: Low and behold, I now have three Paddington's with straps and can't decide on which color now that I've seen them all. I have to send at least one back,:crybaby: but was considering keeping two. I posted a group shot (although the muscade didn't come out real well) and then individual photos of each. HELP ME CHOOSE!!!:confused1: Thanks in advance!
    Group1.jpg Muscade1.jpg Gazelle1.jpg mastic1.jpg
  2. i would probably return the lighter brown (dont know exact color), and keep the other 2.
  3. Muscade, absolutely. It can be worn year-round and seems like it would match everything!
  4. I agree; keep the muscade. There's just something about paddy leather in muscade... yum! :heart:
  5. I have all three colors!!!:nuts: :heart: I have the gazelle in the large zippy paddington bowler, the mastic (which is a winter white from '06) in the medium paddy and the muscade in the medium paddy as well. :smile: I would keep the muscade and the mastic. The gazelle is a honey brown...nice but I think the muscade (aka nutmeg) is prettier. :graucho: The mastic is very pretty, but if I had known it was so close to the ivory that I also have from '06, ( which was called "blanc," like lots of the Chloe whites) I probably wouldn't have bought it. I have just been carried away lately with the paddingtons since I see that they are on their way out and I have not seen anything on the horizon I like as well, or even close! :cursing: So that's my vote...keep the muscade and the mastic, (and the gazelle if you are nuts like me!):rolleyes:
  6. oooh, its a tough question this as they all look so scrumptious, but as I am conscious that you have to make a decision to return one, I would look at them in your bedroom or wherever, as if you were looking at them in a Chloe store, where you know you can't have them all. I guarantee your eye will be drawn to one more than the others, and that is the way I decide on these things.

    Best of luck, you have some fab bags there :biggrin:
  7. The paddington's are on their way out???? They aren't going to make them anymore? O NO, I just got started.

  8. I think the traditional ones seem to be getting fewer and fewer. :cursing: On their website, they are only showing a couple of them and recently the only color I see on the website is "cafe" which, I understand is the brown for fall '07. I think that the other styles seem to be taking over. If you look at the website, there are almost no paddingtons. They have the new ones coming out with the little ornamental locks, (and not the lovely squishy leather) but I really can't say that those do a thing for me...:sad: I think the traditional paddys that we all know and love, are going away while the newer styles seem to be everywhere. Just MHO, but that's the way it seems to me.:crybaby: What is the consensus out there in PFland??? I think the paddys have had their day...although it's my favorite style and I will wear them forever...:wlae:
  9. i dont know the exact color names .. but i would grab the white one in a heart beat and snatch the darker brown one in the other hand
  10. I like mastic best out of the three.... but perhaps this is because i am in the "white summer bags" mood right now :shrugs:
  11. For me, the Muscade and Mastic would be the keepers . . . the other is lovely but I just think Muscade brown is the bomb!:yahoo:
  12. keep the muscade!!
  13. I vote muscade. If you keep two I vote muscade and mastic. Good luck deciding! I have three paddys and it is hard to resist buying more!
  14. I really love the way the lighter colors paddy POP so I am partial to the matic and gazelle.

    All three are lovely and you just can not go wrong!!

  15. mastic and muscade without doubt!