Help me choose a new travel bag!

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  1. So, I'm in quite the pickle...

    I travel for work about 12-15 days out of the month and I need a new carry on bag to take with me. Now, I've been around the block a few times with travel bags and I'm sick of it so I'm thinking it's time to bite the bullet and get a good quality bag that will last.

    The LV lover in me says, "Oh perfect time to get that Neverfull you've been pining over!" but then the sensible beezy in me says, "No crazy girl! The straps are going to make your shoulders hurt and you're going to be paranoid with it open all the time"

    So, I need your help to find a good bag that I can run around airports with and can fit a laptop & charger, tablet, phone charger, cosmetic pouch, stupid big headphones and sometimes files and a bottle of water with room to spare. I would also like a zip top or at least a snap so all my junk won't be out for all the world to see. I'd prefer crossbody but something that has a wider strap would probably work too.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Palermo GM or Totally MM. My Totally MM is my travel and workhorse bag. It's not the prettiest, but man is it functional!
  3. Have you considered the Totally? Plenty of room, multiple pockets, zippered closure, comfy straps. And of you're concerned about vachetta patina'ing, they are coming out with a de version (i personally can't wait!). I own this bag in the pm and mm and absolutely love it.
  4. I am going out there...have you considered the Icare? That strap is wildly comfortable!
  5. Totally MM would be the perfect bag!
  6. I think the Totally would be perfect and the straps are super comfortable.
  7. It's so funny, I randomly saw some woman carrying the Totally on a flight the other day and I thought it was so pretty but I didn't know the name until now when I Googled it!

    Thanks for letting me know about the pockets! That's gonna help a lot!
  8. The Totally may work! How do you like the straps?
  9. I just looked the Icare up and I'm mildly in love! Thank you so much for suggesting it! The only drawback with this one is it looks so "business-y" so I fear I won't get much wear out of it any other times. But that strap may just make up for that...
  10. Love them. So comfy. I really love this bag. Pockets galore, zipper top, plenty of room for everything you want to carry.
  11. +1
  12. Siracusa GM. Or citadine. I have the citadine pm but the GM would be better for a laptop. It's like a neverfull but better - straps are comfortable. It's more north south so less floppy. The interior pocket is very deep. And the pochette is adorable.

    If you are willing to venture outside of LV, I suggest the Chanel Cerf tote. The removal center compartment is genius. Moreover, this reincarnation is more resistant to sagging, albeit, more expensive. But the strap is perfection
  13. Totally MM :smile:
  14. +1