Help me choose a new mascara!

  1. Hello hello!

    I need to buy a new mascara and was thinking of trying out something new. I've been using Dior Show Blackout, and I love what it does to my lashes, but I look like a racoon an hour after putting it on.

    So! I have decided to try something from one of the following brands (I'm trying to take advantage of my staff discount :p ):

    Laura Mercier
    Shu Uemura

    My eyelashes are white and fine, but they are quite long, so I love fattening, blackening mascaras...Any recommendations or suggestions would be fabulously appreciated! :yahoo:

  2. Hmm, I haven't had any experience with those brands... I'd like to try Nars or Stila once though!
    Personally I love Chanel Inimitable, but you'll always see the store you work at doesn't sell any Chanel...
    Good luck on choosing, if I may buy one of those I'll tell you! If you've got one sooner let us know how it is :smile:
  3. NARS is my favorite for everything else ... but I've never tried the mascara.

    BeneFit's Bad Gal Lash isn't on your list, but I swear by it.
  4. Are you using Dior Show WATERPROOF? That goes on and stays on for me with no smudging. It's my favorite. Also, Lancome waterproof (can't recall the name - it used to be Aquacils) One more good inexpensive one again in waterproof is Maybelline XXL. Like it almost as much as Dior Show! Just be sure to get the waterproof and get a good waterproof makeup remover.
  5. best mascara EVER
    Rimmel Magnifying - the one with the red lid.
    I only wish I worked for rimmel so I could give you a guarantee :smile:
  6. I love the Bobbi Brown one.
  7. What you could do is go to the different makeup counters and ask for samples. That's what I do instead of wasting money. Every time I go makeup shopping, I get the SA to give me samples of different mascaras. I do think it helps if you buy something though.
    I bought this yesterday to try it out.
  8. I wonder if they give mascara samples in Canada too.. I've never really asked in Sephora, they just tell me to return it if I'm not happy.
  9. Lancome Hypnose is really really good. So is Dior Show. I tried a Shu one and it was good..I just don't recall the name. There is one by Fresh with black/white stars one the tube that my sis loves.
  10. oook my favourite mascaras are :
    dior show ( water proof )
    benefeit mascara (bad gal)
    those mascaras are my favourite
  11. I know it's not one of the brands you mentioned, but I really like how smoothly Shiseido's mascaras apply.
  12. My favorite one is Chanel Inimitable :love:
  13. The BEST is Japanese DeJa Vu FIBERWIG mascara, now avail in,

    It's #1 hit in Japan, that's why they're bringing it in to US now. I'm on my 8th tube, probably. hehehehe.....LOVE it, but U have to get used to it first, gimme abt a week starting and u'll see result. Thickening n lenghtening, acts as waterproof, but easy to remove with regular face cleanser.
  14. Right now I am trying out Shu Uemura's lash repair (a primer) and Lash X-Tension on top, which contains water-soluble fibres that don't irritate the eyes like other fibrous mascaras do. I alternate between that and DiorShow. I still think DiorShow has a better thickening effect, though the Lash X-Tension has a better lengthening effect, plus the Shu stuff is very un-waterproof, so it smudges a bit. I like it but I'm still getting used to it. (I have skimpy eyelashes so anything helps.) I have tried layering all three but generally I just get a big clumpy mess.
  15. The only one that doesn't run or smear on me is blinc's Kiss Me mascara - I got it at Sephora. It's great, and I've wasted money on tons of different mascaras.