Help Me Choose a New MAC!

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Which teal MAC should I choose?

  1. alligator embossed teal MAC

  2. plain teal MAC

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. My wonderful mom is going to preorder a MAC for me from LB. I cannot seem to decide between the teal and the alligator embossed teal. AA has a photo up of the plain teal and I've been comparing that w/ pics of other alligator embossed teal bags from the 'Holiday 2010' thread.

    So which teal MAC do y'all think would be the smartest choice? Why? TIA!
  2. I say the alligator embossed one!! I was going to get it but I took down my preorder.. I might change my mind again once I see it!
  3. I like the teal/light gold one. :smile:
  4. My vote is the Plain Teal one.
  5. plain teal as well!
  6. Do y'all think that the alligator embossed one might look cheap?
  7. I'm not a fan of the embossed. I like the plain teal.
  8. I love the alligator teal. The plain one looks so smooth...I think Teal looks best with some texture.
  9. Alligator teal -- love the texture and it works best in small doses like on a MAC.
  10. plain teal, not an alligator fan!
  11. for me, i like the embossed teal. and naww i dont think it looks cheap.
    i agree w/ mockinglee...teal looks good w/ some texture :yes:
  12. I voted for Teal. I am finding that while I am drawn to embossed leathers, I have never actually kept ones that I have purchased. My favorite MAC's are my traditional leather ones. They are timeless and very wearable, go with everything styles.
  13. I too vote for the plain Teal...much more versatile IMO (very pretty bag btw!).

    I find that I really only like the embossed leathers in smaller bags such as the BF clutch. A little embossing goes a long way for me!
  14. Thanks y'all...

    That's basically how I feel about the alligator embossed. I love the embossed BF's that I've seen. And I love that little embossed 'nugget' bag w/ the snake chain that is pictured in the holiday thread, but I'm afraid that it might be too much for me on a MAC. The color looks amazing, however. I wonder how much the plain teal color will resemble the color on the embossed bags?

    Guess I'll just have to pick one. If its not right, I can always swap it out.

    Anyone know what that little 'nugget' bag is to be called? Is it another variation on the BF?