Help me choose a new KS bag

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  1. Hi guys, please help me decide which bag to get (before the sale ends on Tuesday :smile:)

    Clement Street Blair tote

    Cameron Street Luxe Candace satchel

    I'm leaning towards the satchel, but I have lots of bags in this shape/style and I do need a tote.

    But then the white/Python combo is just too nice! Aah.
  2. They're both gorgeous but obviously different styles. I'd say a tote if you tend to carry more and the satchel if you carry less. There's definitely something about the python/white combo though!
  3. They're both gorgeous! I can't help I like them both.
  4. I love the Candace.
  5. I vote the Blair tote! The light pink lining looks cute on the website!
  6. Which one is a better deal?
  7. The blair tote is a lot cheaper.
  8. I think I'm leaning towards the candace - it's a lot more classic and probably easier to wear being a single colour rather than a colourblock style.
    Thanks for your help everyone :smile:
  9. Candace gets my vote :cool:
  10. I vote that candace
  11. Candace has my vote!
  12. Candace
  13. +1 for the candace. It's very cute!
  14. Obsessed with the satchel!
  15. so you went with the candace im assuming? how do you like it?