help me choose a new birkin!

  1. hi everybody!
    I just bought two birkins, one 35, gold togo palladium hd ( brand new from Hermes store), and a second hand 30 vache grain lisse in dark grey.
    i love both colours, the grey is an option for the black colour, so i won't buy a new birkin in black.
    i 'd like you girls ( and some boys...) to help me in the decition of a new 35,n but i am not sure of the color and leather.
    i like etoupe, but i', afraid it strains easyly..., i like vert olive, but not sure... too dark???
    maybe should i go for a bright colour like blue jean or maybe a deep red like rouge h.
    i would appreciate your oppinions, and of course pics of your bags in different colours, and why you chose them.
    with what clothes do you wear your bags???
    thanbks a lot for your help!:tup:
  2. claravi, definitely go for a poppy color! Like rouge vif, vert anis, blue jean, signature H orange, etc. What a lovely collection of bags. :smile:
  3. Thanks Kelly_Birkin for your advice. Do you have any of those colours? with what color clothes do you combine it??
  4. Rouge H goes with most everything. But I think that bright colors like H orange are very versatile as well.
  5. What gorgeous Birkins you already have! I would choose a brighter colour, vert olive would be fabulous!
  6. Another vote for Blue Jean and Rouge H, both are signature H colors and you will be pleased with one or the other. They go with everything, :yes:.
  7. You have 2 great neutrals. The next could be a pop of colour.

    I vote for Blue Jean Togo / Rouge Vif Fjord / Brique Vache Liegee.
  8. Rouge VIF or Rouge H are TDF :love: and will complement your collection so well!
  9. I love Vert olive! Thats also a great choice!x
  10. i agree go for a pop color! blue or red!
  11. Blue Jean!! Or Rouge!! Yeah! Excellent colors! :tup:

    Love your bags...the gold is a beauty!
  12. Love your bags! With the ones you have I would definitely go with color. What moves you the most?
  13. Hmmmm......let's see.........I think Rouge H Box or Chamonix could be a good next bag which would round out your collection nicely with neutrals....and then a fun Blue Jean Togo or Clemence Kelly for a pop of color!
  14. I adore Vert Olive but its too much of a neutral like your grey and gold birkins.

    Blue jean or Red would be good choices
  15. ^ i agree BJ or Rough G would be great! or signature orange is nice too!