Help me choose a new bag!

  1. Girls I need help deciding. I have no access to the bags IRL so I need some opinions from you all who have one or more of these bags. I am looking at the Legacy Shoulder, Satchel, and Mandy. I prefer only having one strap so I think the satchel is out. I am scared the shoulder bag will be too small, but the Mandy will be too big. I usually carry a full size wallet, cell phone, keys, checkbook, lots of misc. and sometimes *if* I have room I might throw in a bottle for my 9 month old.
    Also I really want the leather, but my dh and I am worried about the scuffing. How bad is it if I get it in black? He likes the denim, but I want the cute legacy fabric inside, and sadly the denim does not have it. I have looked at the pics in the Legacy thread, but I am still unsure. Please sell me your favorite bag!Oh, pics wearing it or showing it filled is always appreciated!
    Thnaks soooo much! (BTW-I was never interested in the new Legacy until I saw all of you all with those beautiful new purses!):heart::heart::heart:
  2. How about an Ali? It's bigger than the shoulder bag, but smaller than the Mandy. I have 2 shoulder bags and an Ali, and the shoulder bags will hold most of what you said, but the only thing I would worry about would be the bottle fitting. If you're worried about the Mandy being too big, I would go with the Ali. Here's mine with random junk in it (a medium size notebook, checkbook wallet, sunglass case, wristlet, compact, phone, pens, haircolor (totally random), etc.).......


  3. Oh, and the only leathers that really show scratches are the whiskey, natural, and brown I think......I've had no problems with my black.
  4. Definately the Mandy.

    The Satchel is not a shoulder bag & if you have a little one not practical IMO. From the description of stuff you carry the shoulder bag will be WAY too small for you. The Mandy is big but I don't think overly so.

    If you click on my name & look for some of my past posts you'll find one with pics of me modeling my Mandy. (for reference I'm about 5'6" & a size 10.

    ETA Here I made it easier!
  5. This is a tough one for me because I own a Mandy, an Ali and the legacy satchel.
    The satchel is definately not a shoulder bag, but I do have a 2 year old and don't find it to be all that cumbersome when I carry it. However with a 9 month old that is a different story...I don't think I coud have carried this bag when he was smaller and not walking.
    Since you really want a bag with one strap though I would say go for either the Mandy or the Ali. The Ali is smaller but still has plenty of room. You can't go wrong with either bag!
  6. I agree, ali or mandy. I like the satchel, but it is not a shoulder bag... the shoulder bag itself I have tried, but it is a lot smaller, doesn't hang low.. kind of takes up right under the arm... I think the mandy would be great for you, and I love how you can get right into it, the top zips and you can leave it open if you want.. it opens nice and wide.. you can fit a LOT.. the ali I like, but you have to open the flap EVERYtime with the turnlock.. especially w/ a baby this could be a pain. I just got my mandy in black so can't tell you about scratches, but I think the main ones that scratch are the whiskey and naturals. Good LUck!!! :tup:
  7. Thanks so much. I think I have decided on the much loved Mandy. Now I just need to find one at a great price;). I really think the Ali is adorable, but I like the zippered top closure over a flap. So the Mandy it is.!:wlae:
  8. Good choice! There are quite a few really good deals on eBay right now!
  9. I can't believe how much that fits.