Help me choose a necklace!!! Please??

  1. top one
  2. LOve black pearls!
  3. ITA, pick the black pearl necklace.
  4. Yes, top one.
  5. Black Tahitian
  6. def black tahitian! i think its especially nice as a pendant.
  7. black
  8. Personally? I would get the black one. It's more unusual and looks ... I don't know ... somehow more elegant.

    Not that the white one isn't stunning as well. =)
  9. Definately the black one!!!! Its understated and elegant,very striking and cool, would actually quite like that for myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Blk!
  11. Black Pearl by far.
  12. That black one is very pretty
  13. I like both, but the Tahitian is really striking.
  14. i really like the black one! wow, everybody here seems to also like the black one. has our opinions help you decided yet? ;) overwhelming majority!