Help me choose a multicolore!!

  1. Hi ! My husband's getting me my first LV for valentine's and I'd like your help in choosing a bag. I really love the multicolore range in white and while I don't need a very large bag, I need something which I can comfortably carry on my shoulder.

    Is there anything I should know about wear and tear on these bags?
    All suggestions/tips/advise are welcome!

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Aurelia MM!
  3. My peference goes to the white, in the speedy 30
  4. I like the petite noe in white.
  5. petit noe in white or black
  6. Noe!!!!!!
  7. if u want a shoulder bag, i like the petit noe, or the lodge gm. u can also do the pochette, u can get an extender too. for a handbag, i like the alma, speedy, or trouville. and white is so cute, especially for valentines!
  8. petit noe

  9. :yes: :heart:
  10. I'm a fan of the Petite Noe too. :smile:
  11. not much mc shoulder bags so I guess aurelia or eliza
  12. I like the Eliza.
  13. Oh yes I forgot that petit noe is also a shoulder bag!
  14. Alma!
  15. Petite Noe or Lodge.. so pretty in white MC!