Help me choose a mommy-friendly purse

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  1. Looking for a purse to transition into from my baby diaper bag and right now I am looking at either a coach Ashley carryall in patent or mbmj preppy nylon hillier. Like the Ashley because the inside is divided into 3 sections but leary of patent finish. Like the hillier cause of the exterior pockets and material.

    Want something durable, lightweight and easy to organize for around $150....any suggestions/opinions?
  2. I'm not officially a mommy yet but I think patent is going to be my go-to for a while. It's going to be relatively easy to clean.
  3. Here are some pics of the 2 to help :smile:


  4. I don't have either one but my mom carries the Coach bag pictured when she needs to take a lot of stuff with her (i.e. day trip, church, etc.). It is very light weight and roomy without being bulky. She is a neat/organization freak but she is satisfied with the compartments and pockets provided in the purse. She definitely does not baby her purse but it still looks nice and new after 2(?) years.
  5. ^that is very helpful thank you. Does she have the putty color? I am alittle worried about getting marks on such a light color.
  6. From a looks perspective, I much prefer the Coach. It's got more of a handbag look to it. The Hillier is a little bit still diaper bag looking to me. BUT, from a practicality perspective, man, I love outside pockets. As far as patent goes, it's definitely durable -- there are a lot of high end diaper bags made out of it because it doesn't absorb.
  7. I got the MK e/w top zip tote as my diaper bag to purse transition and i love it. Its got a divider that zips, 2 deep sides with pockets inside and 2 outside for bottles etc.
  8. I like the coach better but not sure about putty. I would be worried about color transfer on it. I have many coach bags in patent. I like that you can wipe them clean with a dry cloth.
  9. I really like the looks of the Coach better, but I'm a little more biased to that brand. ;)
    However, I would be a little more worried about color transfer with the putty than a slightly darker color. It's not something that would break the decision for me, but it does happen from time to time.