Help me choose a mommy bag--Noe,Neverful,Batignolles(H) or ...

  1. i really cnt leave LV to choose others even as a mommy bag

    so, pls help choose one

    neverful or noe or batignolles....maybe you could give me more suggestions
  2. I think the neverfull would be great.
  3. I have the Neverfull MM and I think it is perfect for a Mommy bag, my kids are 2 and 5
  4. I am a Mommy of 4 and I love my BH. It is light, easy, and very functional. I like having my hands free and just being able to reach in and out easily. Though it doesn't zip, it stays closed since it is hugged to the body, you know? Great price, too. Check it out!!
  5. I agree that the BH is a great mommy bag. I am a mom of 3 and there is so much room inside. I love it.
  6. BH! Fits great over the shoulder, very durable, very nice looking!
  7. I am a mom of 2 (boys ages 4 & 6) and I own the Neverfull MM and the Petit Noe... they are both great bags... but I think I like the Neverfull better.. it is easier to get in & out of and it is very lightweight.
  8. I have neverfull mm.. gerat bag. I feel like I can carry the whole world inside:smile:)) and mm size... I can not imagine the GM size. you can carry the whole universe inside I think:smile:)
  9. if you have smaller kids, i would say the neverfull mm. But if you had older kids that are in pre-school & up and you don't have to carry pullups, sippy cups, etc. then the BH is a great purse with lots of room to spare.
  10. Bh!
  11. Bh probably is the best among those choices.
  12. Neverfull MM/GM or BH will be a great choice :tup:
  13. Neverfull MM, it serves about the same purpose as the BH but its more lightweight which is better with the kids around you get tired and you can put more stuff in it without it becoming too heavy for you.
  14. I agree BH or neverfull MM would be great choices.
  15. Neverful MM -- roomy but very lightweight