Help Me Choose A Mini Pochette!

  1. Hey you guys I need your help i wanna get a mini pochette friday but i don't know wich one:hysteric: ugh i get so frustrated making decitions like this so im a let you guys do the thinking for me :rolleyes: you see all of my lv is in mono so i don't know please help!
    p.s. I want to use the pochette to put my cell money etc not to use like a purse :P



    i couldn't find a pic of the brown Damier canvas but if anyone has one please post it! thanx again!
  2. Damier Ebony definitely!
  3. Damier azur.
  4. damier!
  5. original damier!
  6. I almost of the Damier Ebony the other day,but it has rasberry linning=bleeding =(.
  7. I love both!! Azur is so cute and light but mono is just so cute too :biggrin: I would prolly choose the Azur since it´s a new canvas.
  8. damier all the way
  9. hmm you guys seem to like the brown Damier and i didn't even post a pic!
  10. i love the original Damier. it's so classy and elegant, and can be dressed up or down :love:
  11. I think it's best for a guy too, that's why I chose it...
  12. brown damier! the colour looks beautifull with the gold hardware
  13. I like the brown damier.
  14. my first toughts were Damier at first also! i think it looks so Chic!
    heck im getting one friday!!!
    i just hope my store has one!
    thanx you guys im rewardind you all with some eye candy, use it as a screen saver!

  15. definantely damier!!