Help me choose a messenger bag...pls!

  1. Hello, Now I need a messenger bag and am choosing between this two (in pics). or any recommend messenger bags????

    PS: I don't like the look of LV messenger bag. Thanks a lot!! :heart:
  2. and this is the second one
  3. Anyone?
  4. I like the first one! :smile:
  5. Thank you claire for your reply :smile:
  6. Another vote for the first one :tup:
  7. I like the first one, too. Any idea about the size?
    (small= wallet and keys; large= wallet, keys, books, papers, kitchen sink, etc... somewhere in between)
  8. I want a medium size bag which can hold my makeup bag, wallet, coin purse, mobile, tissue paper, and keys.
  9. I like the first one too.
  10. Generally,I'm not a fan of the messenger bag(I mean the style), but I prefer the first one.
  11. Thank you for every reply. I have own only one messenger bag now and it is from a Chanel sport line and now I want something different. My Chanel messenger looks sport as its name and now I need something different.

    I also have a denim baggy PM which can be adjustable to be a cross shoulder bag too but I don't want my baggy PM touchs with my jeans. I'm afraid of colour-transfer.

    I am not a fan of both Dior and Gucci but I think they have a better cross-shoulder bag style than any other brands.

    I have 2 choices now but I would be very appreciate if someone will give me more variety of choices. Thanks in advance :smile:
  12. I like the first one, also. :tup:
  13. First one:tup:
  14. Hello,

    Ohhhhhhhhh a messenger bag. You should see the Dior Cannage Messenger bag. It is gorgeous! Good luck!

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  15. definitely the first one and the other dior one in the post above is cute as well!