Help me choose a MBMJ crossbody

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  1. Need and crossbody. Like the Natasha, same size
    Which one is nicer?
    I feel the second one is more secure but the first one is more cute

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  2. I'm partial to the first one (the zipper) after seeing it in person, but they're both gorg! Note with the first one, it has a magnet under the flap, the zipper is only to a smaller inside pocket.
  3. Thanks sowingseason!
    One more question, does anybody have MBMJ bag in newsprint? Do you like the color?

  4. personally, i like the first!
  5. I like the Natasha better. The turnlock is shorter and tends to ride higher up. The turnlock comes in lots of colors though! Ah I'm trying to find the Natasha in grape juice!! It's so cuteee! :P
  6. The newsprint color esp in the pebbled leather is pure perfection! Gorgeous dark olive with a bit of sheen. I really want something in this leather!
  7. Are they both the same leather or is the first version more pebbled?
  8. The first one is pebbled, like other classic Q bags.
    The second one I don't know. I guess it's not as pebbled as the first one.

    Any special concerns about pebbled leather?

  9. The pebbled leather is great! I have a hillier in that leather and it's super squishy. I noticed that the leather on the new turnlock bags are thinner... not sure whether this applies to the Natasha though since as I have not seen it in person yet. I personally prefer the thicker leather.
  10. OP, this isn't true. :nogood: Both the turnlock and the classic q versions have a zippered compartment and a compartment that closes with a hidden magnet. It's not one or the other.

    I personally prefer the turnlock version because the the leather isn't pebbled and looks more luxe (IMHO). Also, the big workwear tag on the classic q version is a bit distracting. Newsprint is a nice color, but keep in mind that it has a significant amount of olive green. It is not a true grey by any means. It's true that the turnlock leather is thinner, but the thickness isn't problematic.
  11. I ordered the first one yesterday :P

  12. I've never seen the second one in person, so I didn't know that was the case. Was basing it off seeing the first one at Bloomies and deciding between it and a Hillier.
  13. I see. :yes: I didn't pay too much attention to the details on the classic q version in person, so I just did a quick search online to make sure -- the details are fortunately evident in the retailers' pictures.
  14. I hope you like the color and the hardware. Good luck with the new purchase!
  15. Good choice OP. I would have went for the 1st one too. You really couldn't go wrong either way, because they are both beautiful bags IRL.