Help me choose a LV bag!!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I want to get a nice LV city bag that'll fit a laptop (L:12in) and a few notebooks. If anyone has any of these, can you tell me which one is a good choice?

    My options:
    Monogram canvas: Cabas Piano/Mezzo/Batignolles/Luco
    Damier Parioli

    Right now, I like the Cabas style, but I am afraid Mezzo is too big (L:19in?), but Piano seems too small. I also like Luco, but will it fit laptop and notebooks?

    Please help!
  2. The normal batignolles won't fit a laptop, unless you have one of those 8" screen laptops.. the vertical and the horizontal are both great totes though !
  3. Ah sorry, that's what I was thinking about the Batignolles Horizontal. =)

    eluxury use to have pictures of how big the bags look on a model's shoulder, but they no longer have that, would anyone have a picture like that you can share?
  4. I own the monogram canvas multipli-cite. It has two handles that can be put over your shoulder. It has two pockets in the front, a small one on the side and a zippered center compartment. I don't own a laptop so I don't know if it will fit, but It will definately hold a few notebooks. You should check it out. Once I learn how to post pictures I'll start doing it. I know it helps.
  5. The luco is great. It will hold a laptop and maybe two small notebooks. It is nice because of the structure. The mezzo is big but if you are using it for office/school it is fine. I have both of these bags. I use the luco when i just have a few things to carry to school and the mezzo if I have more, and it make a great carry on which is my main reason for it.
  6. I have the Babylone bag. It's very structured and has a sturdy base. It is absolutely stunning and holds my 12" Sony vaio laptop perfectly, plus a notebook, agenda, pen, and my little pochette clefs. I've been toting this combination around for the past two years and the bag hasn't warped or lost its shape at all. I'm going to miss being a student next year! :smile:

    BTW, I've gotten more compliments on this tote than any other tote I've ever owned. I love it so much that I go shopping with it despite the fact that I own like 6 other LV bags. I use it almost every day except for wet/snowy days. :smile:

    Please buy it from the LV boutique -- the fakes never look good and are so shoddy they warp with a wallet inside. My Babylone is tough and thick and holds it shape beautifully.

    Best of luck!
  7. I like my Batignolles Horizontal. I don't carry a laptop, but it easily can hold all of my personal items plus files and a notepad when I travel to meetings off-site. It's definitely a less structured bag than the Luco or Babylone, but is a nice size.

    I also looked at the Cabas Piano but it seemed to small for files/notebooks.
  8. I think the batignolles horizontal is too small for a regular sized laptop. My lappy is considered small, and its already a chore transporting it in it's sleeve and a book or two.
  9. the only bag I would get to fit a laptop in would be the Abbesses messenger bag, I think this would work better. Let us know which one you get !
  10. I actually got the Batignolles horizontal, and it fits my macbook perfectly! I really like it, the only down part is there is no zipper, so things might fall out, but that hasn't happened to me, so I am pretty happy with the purchase!
  11. i think a bh is supposed to fit a laptop. cabas piano is way too small but a mezzo might fit. i think a paroli with it's hard to open top might not be the best choice to take a laptop in and out of.
  12. Im glad your happy with it and it sounds TDF :nuts: :smile: