Help me choose a Louis!

  1. Hi, everyone! I need help! I have been searching high-and-low for the Louis that is right for me. I have been on their website almost every day, on TPF looking at bag pics and model shots, and on YouTube looking at "what fits" and "what's in my bag" videos, and I can not seem to figure out which bag is right for me. So, can you help me choose an LV?

    A little bit about me...
    I currently carry a 24cm Coach Duffle.
    I like a light weight bag.
    I like a shoulder bag. Needs to be comfy... no digging in.
    I like bags with a zipper closure.
    I dress fairly casual most of the time. (jeans and t-shirt or shorts and tank)
    I love the Damier Ebene canvas and the Damier Azur... Monogram is my third choice.
    I travel often so I have a few other bags that I put my "necessities" in and I wear crossbody.
    I prefer a low-maintenance bag.
    I don't live near a LV store.
    I don't "change out" my bags. I will use this as an everyday bag. Only time I change bags is when I downsize for dinner or travel.
    I am okay with buying a pre-loved bag.
    I prefer bags with a little structure... I like my items to stay in place in my bag.
    I am 5'10", 140lbs.

    What I carry everyday: iPhone 5, two small zipper pouches, glasses case, small wallet, another small wallet, tissues, Invisalign case, lens cleaning cloth, pen, two or three lipglosses, Eos lip balm, and Eos hand lotion, Tums, car keys, digital camera.

    What I carry to dinner: phone, lipgloss, lip balm, small wallet, car keys.

    Top handle bags are out... no Speedy (Bandouliere is a maybe) or Alma.
    No Papillon...
    No Bergamo... I do not care for bags with a flap covering the opening.

    I am leaning towards the new Pochette for a starter bag. It's the perfect size for my dinner nights or shopping.

    The shoulder bag that catches my eye is the Neverfull and the Delightful. (I would want the zipper purse insert.)

    I have not been able to visit a LV store, yet. I live in Missouri.

    Attached are a few photos of what I put in my bag and some size references. My going out smaller bag is the black patent.

    I probably sound like a crazy, obsessed lunatic but I want to be sure to get the right bag for me! :smile:

    So... what do you think? Buy a smaller shopping bag first like the Pochette? Or buy a larger, shoulder bag? Ugh!! Decisions, decisions...

    2013 Jan-May (1265).JPG 2013 Jan-May (1266).JPG 2013 Jan-May (1268).JPG
  2. Sully mm.
  3. I'd really consider a DE Bandouliere. That is one great bag and great for everyday!
  4. +1 for tge Sully mm...I have this bag and love it, i also have the coach bag , too...the sully will be good for you :smile:
  5. Maybe try the Westminster GM or Verona MM...
  6. Sully MM or Delightful MM. Good luck!
  7. Hi, I recommend the Westminster GM too! One of my first Coach bags looked exactly like yours, except in black. And the reason why I chose it was because it was easy to zip open in either direction as it has 2 zippers and also bc I could easily just open the bag and see what I wanted.

    A Speedy B would be great too! I also own one as well, but it was definitely a transition for me from the Coach duffle as I wasn't used to "digging" inside a purse looking for something. But that's just my experience! Good luck! Can't wait to see what others can recommend and to also see what you end up choosing! :happydance:
  8. Speedy B, great bag that can be worn a number of ways. Good luck with decision.
  9. Portobello for sure!
  10. Totally:

    Lightweight, shoulder, structured, zipper, Damier Azur.
  11. Stalk the LV website until you like something, then visit the clubhouse when you narrow down.

    I second the Trevi :smile:

    Good luck!
  12. Trevi!
  13. Is the Sully comfortable on the shoulder? The strap looks thicker than most.