Help me choose a key holder!


Which key holder should I get?

  1. Multicolore in black multi

  2. Damier Canvas

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  1. I've decided to a get a key holder but I can't decide on which one. I've always wanted either a Damier cles or key holder but the multicolore in black looks super cute.

    Does anyone have the black multicolore key holder? Does the monogram scratch off easily?

  2. I prefer damier canvas ebony...
  3. I like the multicolor!! I have this in the white multicolor and love it!! It makes me smile everytime I see it! All the pretty colors....
  4. MC for sure!!!!! I REALLLLLLY want an MC one but I need a 6 key and they do not make one in a 6 key:crybaby:
  5. I would choose the MC although I have a very badly damaged black MC wapity. I don't know how the wapity ended up so scratched but it is bad. *I* don't care though, enough color is on each symbol to be absolutely adorable.

    I have a 4 key holder in epi and 6 key holder in monogram. I really prefer the 6 key as it is large enough to hold credit sized cards. My 6 key works as a mini wallet!
  6. I like both, but the MC is printed onto the canvas differently and has a tendency to chip and fade so I think its a better idea to get the damier for an item like the 4-key holder which gets pretty abused:smile:
  7. I like the MC one.
  8. I like the look of the black MC one... it's much more vibrant and sooo cute!

    Though there is a possibility of chipping, just be careful and don't abuse it when using it. ;)
  9. black MC is so much prettier IMO!! it is so chic!
  10. Damier! I love the Damier canvas so.

    My white MC coin purse is pretty banged up, especially when you are an abuser like me but my Damier canvas looks perfect day in day out no matter what I do.

    But either choice would be excellent! Rem to take pics of your new purchase when you get it! :flowers:
  11. Go for the black MC - so cute and will pop out of your bag when you're looking
  12. Damier!
  13. Black MC is really hot!
  14. I choose black MC..I took this pic. and posted it several times because people keep asking about's a fantastic key holder. I wiped it down for the first time the other day. It started to get a little marked up from the keys sitting against the interior and it cleaned up it is
    keys%20001.jpg keys%20002.jpg
  15. I would get the Damier Multicles because it's more durable... if you are going to have it in your pockets and stuff you wouldn't have to worry about color tranfers and chipping like you would with the MC.