Help me choose a Kelly pls!!!

  1. Hey everyone!
    I went and saw these two Kellys, and I thought seeing it would help me decide.. but I really can't for some reason! It's my third day posting about this because I'm leaving town on Monday and have to decide before then :nuts:

    1) 35 cm Kelly, box calf, Adroise

    2) 35 cm Kelly, evergrain, Havanne

    Which to choose??? Pls help me!!! :hysteric:
  2. What do colors do you wear normally? Do you wear a lot of browns or blacks? If you tend to wear black then I would go for the ardroise.
  3. Bearing in mind tha box calf is the leather that can be restored best by Hermes, I would say take the box calf. As it also gets a beautiful patina.

    But it's difficult to decide without having seen the bags.

    The thing is: obviously neither of these bags 'sang' to you. You didn't fall in love. Given the fact that you're still very new to Hermes - why don't you wait a bit and wait for the one that truly makes your heart sing? That will be the one. These are very expensive bags and buying one is not something that one should rush into, just to own one. You want to carry this bag for the next 20 years or so, possibly even longer. So take your time.
  4. actually it depends on the season.. i tend to wear more grey and black in winter, and more browns and earthy colors in summer. i find that they both can more or less go with most clothing.. i just cant make up my mind about the color-- which is nicer? would last longer over time? will i get sick of it? those sorts of worries!
    im such a flip-flop person when it comes to these things, i keep changing my mind every 5 mins!
  5. thanks for the advice hello2703.. but the problem is more than they both sort of 'sang' to me! i liked them both... while box is beautiful i was worried it would scratch more. also these bags are in diff branches so i couldnt really hold them side by side unfortunately!
  6. That's exactly why I am saying 'wait'. Stay with us and look at our bags and you will see that your eye and your taste evolves. Perhaps you should get a 'coloured' bag? Or a neutral tone?
    Really, the best advice I can give you is: if neither of these two bags have made you say "YES", then neither was right for you.
    Why don't you go into the reference section and start reading the 'leather book' thread, look at the different colours in the 'colour' section, look at the different bags of our members. That will give you a better feel of what you might want.
  7. oh and what do you mean by patina? sorry i really am a novice here! :smile:
  8. The scratches with box are unavoidable but nothing to worry about in the long run. Box can be refurbished beautifully and the scratches will rub out and blend into a beautiful patina. These bags are meant to be used.
    Were the bags 'retourne' or 'sellier'?
    How happy were you with the 35 size?
  9. Box will with use and time aqcuire a certain glow, that only a used and loved bag will have. The leather just glows. I can't describe it better. Other leathers will aquire a patina too but box is the 'glowiest'.
  10. You wouldn't consider Adroise neutral? I found it similar to etoupe in some strange way! although Ive never seen a etoupe IRL..
    i did look through the colors and leathers earlier, it was very helpful!
  11. I loved the 35cm.. much more than the 28cm. They didnt have a 32cm for me to compare with. the bag was 'souple'.. i guess thats retourne.. still getting used to the terminology! :smile:
    okay i see what you mean by the glow!
  12. Yes I do find Adroise neutral, also Havane.
    So, leather wise, my personal choice would be box.
    Colour wise, I think I would prefer Havane.
    That really helps, doesn't it ;)

    ETA: I would definitely take box. That would be my choice. Look at the old photographs of Grace Kelly, she carried 35 box Kellys. Phenomenal!
  13. if only the colors and leathers could switch! :smile: well thanks for all the advise.. i'll think about it a bit more. when i asked the SA in one of the branches she told me to stick with havanne because the color was more classic, more 'hermes'.
    but i guess that can also be said of box calf leather!
  14. Really - just wait. There's no rush.
  15. I had a similar thoughts as I was reading your posts. I didn't get an "OMG, I just love...!" either one of the bags, as you discussed them. It feels a little like you want to buy one out of worry the opportunity to purchase a similar bag won't come your way again shortly. It will. :tup: So perhaps wait until you're swooning over a bag or closer to it than you seem to be.