help me choose a home for my Nintendo DS!!!

  1. i recently received a nintendo ds as a gift, and i would like to take good care of her (she is white). i was considering getting a pochette anyway, and i think it would be also a great way to protect the ds in my speedies :yahoo: you can see the bags i already own and my wishlist below, please let me know which one you think is best :okay:
  2. The Damier Okapi Case GM was designed to hold a Nintendo DS Lite but it only comes in Ebene. How about an Azur Pochette Accessoires? Or even a White Multicolore Pochette GM?
  3. i'm glad you asked this question b/c i'm looking for something for my ds too. right now its in my pochette, but it needs another home so i can use my pochette for something else.
  4. Or how about the Pochette Florentine? You could even have it around your waist!
  5. why not like a mono pochette toilet 19? if it fits?
  6. melikes the way you think :yes: i am leaning towards an azur pochette or the florentine...
  7. hmm...never thought of that! i will be going to LV tomorrow anyhoo, so i will try out several pochettes to report back on which ones fit! :smile:
  8. Someone on here was using the new vernis cosmetic case for her nintendo fits perfectly.
  9. ok, so i went with the azur pochette accessoires, mostly because i can also use it as a bag. the ds also fits the mini pochette, but it is a very tight squeeze!!! it would fit the toilette 19, the florentine, and the new cosmetics cases as well! hth!
  10. I use the Florentine for my DS. I can fit the games in it along with the DS. I orginally purchsed the florentine when I had a Sidekick. I then transfered the florentine to the ds when I switched phones. I did not knw that the Damier Okapi Case GM was for the ds. I am going to look it up now!
  11. Ooh, I didn't think of that. I'm going to try it out! Thanks.
  12. I also have a white ds and i use my mono mini pochette, and it also fits my games
  13. Just took these pics of my DS in my gold Miroir cosmetics case:


    I love how the strap sticks out so that it looks like a wristlet :biggrin:
  14. DS is in a neoprene case I think I need to give her a better home now LOL!
  15. oooh, what a bling bling combo!!!:nuts: