Help me choose a gift for myself plz!! :)

  1. I know I know, in the LV thread, I posted a poll b/c I couldn't decide betw the Speedy and the mini-pleaty. NOW...I've decided against the mini-pleaty and chose to go w/ something w/ more longevity if you will.

    Sooo, now it's betw the Speedy 25/30 (??) and the MJ Bowler bag in patent leather, either in black, midnight, or lobster.

    Any input if y'all have these bags esp the MJ would be greatly appreciated. I want to make sure I won't regret the purchase later on! :P

    Of course you know what the Speedy looks like but here's the pic of the smaller Bowler (I don't want the large one, it's wayyy too big):
  2. I think the small bowler is adorable. It's a fun bag with a quirky vibe. I purchased the patent midnight blue, but have not been able to bring myself to use it. I fear it will fall victim to my "bag purge" and end up being listed in the Marketplace very soon.

    Midnight blue is my favorite of all of the colors MJ did this season: it's bright and vibrant and fun without being over the top. I think it suits the style of the bag the best as well. The patent midnight blue might be the most difficult to find though. I don't care for the lobster red; it's too bright, and I don't think this bright a shade in the patent leather is very functional. If you are going to get black, I prefer the patent black over the regular leather black. The black leather is kind of bland, and I think part of the bag's appeal is its somewhat offbeat style; you lose that with the black leather.

    Good luck!
  3. I vote for MJ's mini Bowler which is simply adorable. It is stunning in patent leather, it's nice in all the colors you listed (black, midnight, or lobster). Patented Midnight (Black & Chalk are nice as well) is a great choice, it's available at all Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's in Orange County and San Diego (I checked for myself). The only color I like in regular quilted leather for Bowler is Chalk (also available in Black, Caramel,...). It gives Bowler a more casual look, but still very beautiful. If you decide to get Bowler, check out the Deals & Steals thread for details on Bloomingdale's F&F Event for 20% off (Nordstrom matches competitor's offer).

    If you are a big LV fan, Speedy 25 is cute as well, I really hate the fact that it sags though.
  4. I'd go with a Speedy. It really does stand the test of time and you can beat on the bag and it still looks good.
  5. I'd go with the MJ bowler. It's a classic.
  6. Bowler!! That bag has haunted me since her debut. I have come very close to trading in my bronze Stam for that bag. :love:
  7. Would go with the MJ bowler.
  8. Personally, I don't really care for the regular quilted MJ leather. I'd recommend the patent Ursula--I just love how it looks. If you're in your teens or early 20's, I'd vote for the bowler in a fun color like the lobster or midnight.

    If you're in your 30's or up, I'd suggest the Speedy. I think you'll use it longer as time goes on...
  9. Love the bowler in lobster, so tempting!! In one of the Neiman's catalog, you can get the bowler in black with the silver hardware as well.
  10. MJ ursula bowler all the way! That bag has also been haunting me ever since I saw Mischa Barton carrying it (in the larger version) the time I had no idea who designed it (it was when the paparazzi photo first surfaced online, before any magazines picked up on it) but knew right away that I HAD to have it and had to track down the designer. It looked very Chanel-ish to me but with a more modern vibe (I guess what I mean is that it's extremely versatile - can be dressed up or dressed down). And the price is cheaper than most Chanel bags that that's a big plus! I'm going to get the black patent one pretty soon (probably during Bloomingdale's F&F event) and foresee getting a lot of mileage out of this bag -- definitely not a one-season fling for me. (I like the other colors as well, but I think the black one is a true classic -- most versatile & a great investment.....besides, the other colors probably can be found during the sales come summer time, but black generally doesn't ever go on sale.)

    As for the Speedy -- I'm really not an LV person at all so I don't have any attraction for it (at least right now that's the case). IMO it's too commonplace and you can get one anytime.....whereas the MJ ursula bowler in patent leather is more unique (yet it still has a very classic shape/design).
  11. I like the MJ bowler!
  12. Feel free to purge away! Ha! I won't mind at all! Are you able to post pics for me por favor? I would :love: to see what it looks like on someone. Also, does patent leather fade,scratch easily or is it just the chalk that changes color?
  13. Savannah - I saw this in NM today and was in :love: ! I love the midnight and lobster color but can't decide. I'm trying to figure out which color would go w/ more clothes..:blink: . It feels durable and looks spacious and oh so comfy!!! I just love how it's shiny!! It truly does give off that funky vibe that I think I can still pull off pushing 30yo ;).

    I also figure maybe if I go w/ the Bowler, then the Speedy will always be around to purchase later???? What do y'all think?
  14. With patent things can "transfer" on to the patent. I've heard of people putting their bag on a magazine page and then the page "sticking" to the bag and then transferring on--like silly putty.

    It doesn't seem to scratch too easily--you just have to be sure to store it in a felt storage bag and not put it up against things. I've only heard of light colored patents changing, like chalk... Hope that helps!
  15. If you can go to the store and look at both in person, do that. It'll probably help if you can take it into the clothing section to compare it against the colors that you normally wear. That's the best way to get an idea of what would work. The midnight is more of a neutral. Although red is just so fun!