help me choose a fendi

  1. Hi, all:
    I am posting my first question since becoming a member of this forum and addicted to handbags;

    OK, so I am at the point where I got to have a fendi bag, but I cant decide which one to order. I thought about ordering them all and then choosing but that could be just too dangerous. Here's my favories (sorry I am not a Spy fan):
    red leather b-bag shoulderstrap bag or de jour in black leather, or east/west bag in metallic or black
    What do you recommend and why? Does anybody have these bags that can tell me what the leather is like. I love soft leather bags. Louis Vuitton bags arent my thing because the leather is too stiff.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Do you have any pics from a website you can put up?
    I am not sure which ones you are talking about.
  3. sorry all the pictures of the purses are on eluxury. I am totally computer illiterate and havent mastered the art of posting pics yet.
  4. I would get the black du jour, but are you sure you don't like the spy? They have the softest leather, just gorgeous. If you haven't done so, you may want to try one in real life, it's much different than seeing it on someone else.....just my 2 cents...
  5. Here are the pics, (sorry, I can't find the east/west).

    Fendi B

    Fendi Du Jour
  6. I agree, you have to see the Spy in person, but I know some people just don't like the design. Of the 2 pics, I like the black purse better.
  7. If you don't want stiff leather, I wouldn't get a B bag. The authentic ones are generally pretty stiff and structured. The leather on the spies is much softer.
  8. I have seen this bag (which they have on eluxury), and I think the leather looks softer that on some of the other B bags. More like spy leather. I'm not crazy about the color, though.
  9. softb2.jpg
  10. The du jour is gorgeous... but only because I don't like that particular b.bag color. Also, if you're looking for soft leather, the patent b.bag may not be the way to go. Unless of course, you're considering the canvas-patent version?

    Like the others have pointed out, spies have probably the softest leather Fendi has ever used (IMO). I'm not talking about the new moncler ones, but the older leather. My suggestion is also to go have a look at the older leather IRL before you make a final decision :nuts:
  11. A lot would depend on your lifestyle, workstyle and general fashion style. Spys seem to work well with most anything. The B bags are more formal/structured (great for office or night life) but not as perfect a fit if you are super casual. I just purchased a Nappa (bubbly) Leather De Jour and it is absolutely gorgeous, particularly a good match for informal atire and lifestyle. My 2 cents here...;)
  12. thank you for your comments. i will definitely visit a spy before i purchase anything online. I was also wondering whether anyone owns a large black bucket bag? What are your feelings about it? I have had this fascination withthis bag since it came out/ My mom loves its look and has offered to buy it for me if i want it.
    Bergdorf Goodman
  13. I just finished posting regarding the bucket- I really like it and wish I could buy it. (Saving up for another lV)