HELP me choose a dress !! =)

  1. Hey everyone, so i want a dress to wear for Christmas and I'm planning to order one from one of my old high school friend's line and I need some OPINIONS!!! =)

    I am thinking about #1 or #2......

    What do you all think..... you can check it here & her other collections :

    she is working on a shopping cart that should be up by the end of the month but if not, she will make a special order just for me :yahoo:

    Thanks for any opinions ladies =)
  2. I prefer #2:tup:
  3. 3 or 4
  4. I prefer #2 over the first one, because the color is more festive than white. I like #4 the best though. For Christmas I would wear that one with metallic accessories.
  5. the metallic accessories? which dress is that?

    yeah i was thinking of going with #2 because of the bright color rather than white, however is hot pink okay for christmas ? i'm gonna try to steer away from all the reds & greens lol...
  6. ^ Short, plain black with 3/4 sleeves.

    I picture it with silver or gold heels, a cute clutch and sparkly jewelry. This year for Christmas, I'm wearing a little black turtleneck dress with black patterned tights, black patent maryjanes and diamond jewelry. I like to be sparkly instead of red/green.
  7. that sounds really cute & i do have gold croc heels which are real cute however, i wouldn't be able to walk around in them because I'm Asian and we always take off our shoes before we go in the house :yes: lol. that 3/4 black dress is cute though i didnt really notice it b/c the model isn't wearing any jewelry....
  8. Love #2
  9. #2
  10.'s a more classic look
  11. Like #2 better but #5 is my favorite.

    I know what you mean about having to take your shoes off! I always put together a nice holiday outfit, complete with killer shoes, then remember that I have to take my shoes off inside and get all bummed out because the whole outfit is thrown off. Hmm...maybe time to get matching slippers...
  12. I love #2!
  13. looks like #2 might be my choice!
  14. I love the color of number 2 but I would rather buy number 1 just because it is so much easier to match shoes, purses, accessories, etc. with. Just my opinion. Let us know what you choose! Good luck!
  15. Out of 1 and 2 i definitely like 1 more. I just prefer the shape and style more.. i also really like #10.